The wife of Alec Baldwin told us how to make three children and keep her figure.

Жена Алека Болдуина рассказала, как выносить троих детей и сохранить фигуру
Hilaria Baldwin shared his secret.

Жена Алека Болдуина рассказала, как выносить троих детей и сохранить фигуру

Alec Baldwin with his wife Hilaria

Photo: @hilariabaldwin Instagram Hilaria Baldwin

Slim figure of the wife of Alec Baldwin was the envy of
many ladies in Hollywood. Its exceptional form all the more impressive if
consider the fact that she is a mom of two young children, now pregnant with her third child actor.

As told Hilaria in his last interview,
which she gave to the magazine “Fit Pregnancy”,
she believes that pregnancy is not an excuse to stop watching
a. And the point of view of Mrs. Baldwin, it may make sense to listen,
after all, she has a lot of experience with them. Now she’s pregnant with the third
child over the last four years!

“I think the idea that once a woman is pregnant,
so she would get fat and completely out of shape — incorrect. After all
pregnancy is not a disease. And we may stay strong and
great shape, even when you’re expecting!” — said the wife of actor. However, to achieve such a result, explains
Hilaria, you need to sweat. As the wife of Baldwin, she regularly
and a lot of work on yourself. For starters, despite the already considerable period of time,
performs Jogging — 4 miles at least four times a week. However,
soon as explained Hilaria, she’s going to substitute running for swimming in
pool. In addition, she spent three days a week and attends classes in ballet class.
And, of course, every day doing yoga. After all, this Eastern practice has long been
has become her way of life.

When in 2011, 53-year-old at the time, Baldwin met
27-year-old Hilaria, she worked as a yoga instructor. A year later, fell in love with a “Yogini” Alec did
her his lawful wife. A year later, she made him happy by the birth of a daughter
Carmen, and just 13 months was born the only son
actor – Raphael. Incidentally, Ireland has long been the adult daughter of Baldwin from
his first marriage, became very friendly with Hilaria. The girl helping Mrs. Baldwin to babysit older children and
looking forward to the appearance of another child of his father.

Alec Baldwin with his wife and children

Photo: @hilariabaldwin Instagram Hilaria Baldwin

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