The wife of Alec Baldwin has revealed the sex of their unborn child

Супруга Алека Болдуина раскрыла пол своего будущего ребенка
Hilaria found an original way to break the news to children.

Alec Baldwin with wife and children

Photo: @hilariabaldwin Instagram Hilaria Baldwin

35 – year-old
the wife of Alec Baldwin, which currently bears for the fourth
the child’s 53-year-old actor showed remarkable ingenuity. The fact that she
wanted to let your big kids the news that soon they will have
brother or sister so that they remember this moment. The problem
Mrs. Baldwin was the fact that all of her children are still very young — the eldest Carmen yet only four years, and her younger
brothers Raphael and Leonardo still less than 2 years and one year respectively. So
that solemn moment were to become the most easy to understand for kids.

In the end Hilaria figured out how to solve it
problem. She explained to the children that blue is the color for boys,
and pink is for girls. And then baked
the cake was covered in white glaze with pink and blue inscription: “baby” — that
there is a “child”. “It’s a magic cake!” announced their kids Hilaria. And solemnly
cut it. And at that moment the children saw that under the white icing cake
was painted in blue color. “What
does that mean?” asked Missy Baldwin in children. And the two older said happily
her: “It’s a boy!”

she is expecting another child, Hilaria reported only recently. She shared with fans a new photo
which was filmed a scene from the life of the Baldwins: Alec, the wife of actor and
three of them even very young children play on the floor in one of the rooms of his
home. “The team is young this spring, Baldwin will have another member.
However, the rest of his “teammates” do not know. I’ll let them in
the near future and will bake for the occasion a very special cake!” —
so Hilaria signed this picture. Recall: with the baby now
bears his wife, Alex, who still has an older daughter, Ireland from his
marriage with Kim Basinger, will become a father for the fifth time.