The wife of Alec Baldwin first showed the face of a newborn son

Жена Алека Болдуина впервые показала лицо новорожденного сына
The couple announced the name they gave the boy.

Жена Алека Болдуина впервые показала лицо новорожденного сына

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin

Photo: Instagram @hilariabaldwin

Hilaria Baldwin, which last week again became a mother, revealed the name of the newborn son. Besides, Mrs. Baldwin
in the first time showed the face of her baby. This photograph, taken in
the hospital, the boy was captured lying on the bed in white “crawlers”. “We
happy to provide all Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin” — signed
Hilaria this photo.

We will remind, in addition to Romeo, from Hilary have three children Baldwin: 4-year-old
Carmen, a three year old Raphael and Leonardo, who is still not informed. What
for Alec, he has another child — adult, 22-year-old daughter
Ireland, which gave birth to the first wife of an actor Kim Basinger.

That she gave birth to a fourth child, Hilaria announced last
Friday. Then she placed in his microblog photo, which captures
myself with husband and baby in her arms. However, that picture of the face of a newborn
could not see because he was photographed from behind. “He’s here! He’s perfect…” —
commented on the birth of a baby Hilaria. She also said that weight
the newborn is 3685

Apparently the birth went without complications, which is unsurprising given
perfect physical shape, which supports the wife of Baldwin. Hilaria
works as a yoga instructor and during pregnancy did not break in
the classroom. After the birth of Romeo, the wife of Alec decided to show my figure
after the birth — even a little saggy belly, and promise that in the foreseeable future it will start to work hard on his
body, and will quickly return to the prenatal form.

Alec Baldwin with his wife and son Hilaria

Photo: @iamabfalecbaldwin Instagram Alec Baldwin