The wife of Alec Baldwin explained why she decided to take a fourth child

Жена Алека Болдуина объяснила, почему она решилась на четвертого ребенка
Hilaria failed to fulfill the wish of his daughter.

Жена Алека Болдуина объяснила, почему она решилась на четвертого ребенка

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria


The wife of Alec Baldwin, who announced
recently that waiting for the fourth child, admitted she got pregnant
it is no accident. “I really, really like to be pregnant! I
I love children and don’t even know how much I still want them to have…” —
said Hilaria.

“You’d be surprised I guess, but Alec and
planned for the child that I’m carrying now. Not that the rest of our
three was an accident, and discovering that I was pregnant, every time we
exclaimed: “How did this happen?” But that’s what we conceived quite
deliberately. Remember, I suggested to Alec: “what if we try to do more
one baby? Because with them so much fun! In the end I have a little more than
four years, will be the fourth child. And I believe that the events in my life
moving in the right direction…”

We recall that in the family of Baldwin now
time older three kids. Senior Carmen — four years, and boys
Raphael and Leonardo — more for less: one two years and the other 13 months. Curious
when Hilary announced to their children that soon they will have
the younger brother, daughter Carmen wasn’t too pleased. “Mom, you
still can’t make you a girl? And then you can
another boy!” asked Carmen,
which was obviously disappointed with the news about the upcoming appearance of one
brother. She longed for a sister..

Children Of Alex Baldwin

Photo: @hilariabaldwin/Instagram