The wife of actor Kevin costner almost got eaten by a shark

Жену актера Кевина Костнера чуть не съела акула

Hollywood actor Kevin costner almost lost his wife.

The incident from which the veins run cold blood, occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara, where Christine Baumgarten was surfing.

Miraculously, Christine was rescued by a nature at a time when she was down a four-metre white shark-eater.

How survived by his wife, costner told reporters TV show on American TV: “Christine was surfing with one of our mutual friends. And suddenly she saw the back and fin of a huge fish, which is rapidly approaching its “Board”. Shark were going so fast that, once three feet from Christine, raised a wave. And, as the wife was near the surf, its this wave literally washed up on shore. Then my wife admitted that long time to recover from the terror. I, unfortunately, was very far away — on the set in London, so could not help Christine…”.


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