The wife and mistress of a dentist Ermakova met face-to-face

Супруга и любовница стоматолога Ермакова встретились лицом к лицу Christina oleinichenko and Olga Selezneva fighting for the baby. The wife brings up the child Evgenia Ermakova, who appeared to him after having an affair with a nurse. In the program “Let them talk” opponents expressed their point of view on the whole situation.

      Супруга и любовница стоматолога Ермакова встретились лицом к лицу

      Christina oleinichenko continues to struggle to raise his son. At the end of last year, the woman’s sister Svetlana said “StarHit” that on the instructions of the owner of the dental clinic Eugene Ermakov a two year old child was abducted from the mother. Over fifteen years oleinichenko not see my son. The mistress of the owner of dental clinics trying to sue his son

      In late January in the program “Let speak” it became known that the legitimate wife of the medic Olga has a son of his mistress. The woman also wrote a statement to the police, where he pointed out that Christina allegedly attacked her with scissors.

      Today, the women met in the Studio “Let them talk”. Wife Ermakova Olga Selezneva puzzled why Christina all went public. She says that after many years the baby will be unpleasant to read about it on the Internet.

      “The baby grows, he will be 10, 12 years. It is something he will find, know and as it is psychologically for him will turn. People think about this?” – said Olga.
      Супруга и любовница стоматолога Ермакова встретились лицом к лицу

      Legal spouse of the dentist does not understand why the former mistress of her husband, did not attend properly for the child, when Ermakov has created for women all conditions. Experts in the Studio suggested that Seleznev refers to oleinichenko as a surrogate mother because she has no common successors with Ermakov.

      “He already has children. To give birth to her no one asked, it was a planned and documented it, brought her to the clinic specifically. She played a role, without a child she could not work”, – says Olga.

      Andrey Malakhov asked what he thinks Selezneva at the fact that her husband filled up by the ex-mistress expensive gifts. The woman believes that this is exactly what I always dreamed of a young girl who decided to destroy her family, and the child she needed for manipulation. Olga remembered that the last program she was focused on the fact that the lost life of luxury, but the child spoke only a little. However, Andrey Malakhov was asked to put the tape where the young woman through her tears recalls little.

      Супруга и любовница стоматолога Ермакова встретились лицом к лицу

      Despite her husband’s infidelity, Selezneva never thought about the divorce with a man. Married they live for 15 years, and as much again work together. It does not bother what she brings not her own child.

      “The fact that he didn’t say even once the word “mother” that struck me. When the child wakes up, the first thing he’s looking for, mom. We have the word “mother” is forbidden to say is “Papa” and “Olga”. When he arrived, he said “daddy” and sounds, that is, he did not say a word, he was a year and eight months,” said the wife Ermakova.

      Experts in the Studio asked why. and Seleznev do not give oleinichenko see his son, because the woman is not deprived of parental rights. Olga told that all the time the mother came only four times in 2015, and then almost a year hasn’t been any news. The ex-mistress of the owner of the dental clinics had caught the secret life of the

      Супруга и любовница стоматолога Ермакова встретились лицом к лицу

      It has a Christina oleinichenko, who tried to refute the words of the wife of her lover. She stated that all this information is a blatant lie. The mother of the little Genis insists that she returned the child.

      The nanny of the boy said that he came to the house of Christina, when the baby was four months. She believes that the woman was not engaged in the son, but only paid attention to his business. According to her, once oleinichenko came in the night and, being drunk, dropped the little Zhenyu.

      Andrey Malakhov has tried to resolve the situation and suggested that Olga Selezneva brought the child to the meeting with Christina. Wife Ermakova was outraged and left the Studio.

      “That’s not my question, it’s their issue,” she said.