The widow of the public Prosecutor lost his apartment in Central Moscow

Вдова Евстигнеева лишилась квартиры в центре Москвы
The Irina Zybina had to give living space to the son of her second husband.

Irina Zybina

Photo: Press service

Yesterday in the Tver district court of Moscow was signed
the settlement agreement between the widow of Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina and its
stepson Alexander, second son of her late husband — businessman Alexander Blagonravova. The high-profile case of division of property has finally come to an end.

actress Julia Verbitskaya (Linnik) has made every effort to conflict
the parties came to a compromise. The settlement agreement was rewritten several times
for the plaintiff: Blagonravov put forward new conditions. As a result, Irina
came to the conclusion about the refusal of financial compensation as decided that
reputation suffering from the trial, her more money. “I decided to finish the trial, because my moral and ethical standards above all these squabbles. I hold the position of classics: “Worthless lilies spin” and not to compete with such a… volatile opponent, as my stepson Alexander,” says the actress. An important role was played by the fact that currently 54-year-old Irina pregnant with twins from Denis Serdyukov.

The results
a court session Alexander became the owner of the apartment-Stalinka located
in the center of Moscow. Living space Zybina is located near the place where it will live
Blagonravov. Recall, the story began immediately after the death Blagonravova-older — late husband of the actress. His son from another marriage Alexander Blagonravov Junior demanded to share the property Irina Zybina and give him half as an inheritance, although, as says the Zybina, all the property was received by her in marriage with Evstigneev.