The widow of the leader Linkin Park broke the silence

Вдова лидера Linkin Park прервала молчание Talinda Bennington appealed to many fans of the group and thanked them for the words of support. According to the women, she can’t come to our senses and realize how to move on. The choice of the rocker and I are in shock.
Вдова лидера Linkin Park прервала молчание

Last week, the world got the sad news that the frontman of the band Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide. Musician for a long time suffered from depression, had problems with alcohol and drugs. Many fans of the rocker drew attention to the fact that he died on the birthday of his friend – the lead singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornell, to kill herself in may.

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Until recently the widow of Chester Bennigton Talinda preferred to refrain from any public statements. A woman experiencing a heavy loss, stay away from journalists. However, on Friday, the beloved rocker broke the silence and told one us publication about his feelings after the sudden death of her husband. In recognition of Talinda, she’s devastated about what happened.

“A week ago I lost my soul mate, my soul mate, and my children lost their hero – loved dad. My children are still so young to lose his father. Our life was like a fairy tale, and now turned into a Shakespearean tragedy. How do I live? How to collect himself again?” – asks the woman.
Вдова лидера Linkin Park прервала молчание

After the death of a spouse Talinda decided to concentrate on the upbringing of the heirs. “The only way I see is to raise our Chester children with the same love as before”, she said.

In his address to the public, the widow of frontman for the rock group also thanked the numerous fans of Chester for the kind words. After the death of Bennington in his microblog appeared more than a hundred thousand comments from caring people. Fans of the stars wanted him to rest in peace and condoled the family of the artist.

“I want those who worry about us, and all fans of the Chester to know I feel your support! And we know that you too are grieving. I know you all keep the memory of it, will make it so that the memory of him will live forever. He was a bright and loving person with an angelic voice. And now he is finally free from his misery, now he sings in our hearts. May God help us through these hard times and the pain. Chester would have wanted that. Rest in peace, beloved,” shared the wife of the leader of the popular group.

Recall that Chester Bennigton married model of Playboy Talinda Anne Bentley at the end of December 2005. The couple raised five children, two of whom are adopted. In addition, the rocker had a 15-year-old son from his first marriage.

Вдова лидера Linkin Park прервала молчание