The widow of Sergei Bodrov gave his first interview in 15 years

Вдова Сергея Бодрова дала первое интервью за 15 лет
Svetlana Bodrova first told about the life and death of her husband.

Вдова Сергея Бодрова дала первое интервью за 15 лет

Danila Bagrov (Sergei Bodrov Jr.) became a “national hero”

Photo: still from the film

Sergey Bodrov Jr. died in September 2002. He and the entire crew of his film “the Messenger” are considered missing after vanishing glacier in the Karmadon gorge. The news of the death of 30-year-old actor and Director was a shock for the whole country and of course for his family and loved ones. Widow of Sergei Svetlana 15 years that have passed since the tragedy, did not give any interviews or even short comments. And then, finally, could find the strength to tell about her life with the idol of a generation and about what happened when he was gone.

Svetlana calls her husband “my Sergei”. For 15 years, the feelings are not cool. She knows that no men in her heart and even with her no longer.

About love

Svetlana and Sergey met at the TV “LOOK” Sergei Kushnarev, who was their chief, and a friend. The girl worked in the program “Muzoboz”, a young and talented artist led to the transfer of “the Look”. The first time they talked on the plane when flying to Cuba. Svetlana — rest, and Sergei — in shooting.

“And there, in Cuba, we suddenly began to talk to him… — said Svetlana project — For some reason I remember this moment: we caught in the house of Hemingway for one another. And then talked and talked without ceasing: o you, about me, about him. He then me in one letter wrote: “We’re like two twin brothers who were separated thirty years ago.” We, you know, was like neotopia some from each other, so to speak? Talked to each other like before that were silent all my life”.


“I tried the walls of some building, of course. I used to live alone I was an adult — 30 years, I thought I would never get married and never have children; and I was sure in my life there will be only one. And I like their defense. But Serge would not let go. After Cuba we didn’t split up.”

“Once my demi Lovato hard a break. That was the beginning: he and his character is difficult, I also have characteric not the most flexible. I slammed the door, jumped in the car — I’m a tough girl: show business, car, mobile phone. And I — vzhuh! — took off. I then Sergei told me how Sergei Kushnerev sits and says: “Sergei, would you like to marry?” And Bodrov says: “I would Like very much. She doesn’t want”.

On the work

“I’ve always liked all my Sergei. You know, we had, of course, were on the same wavelength, I supported him in all of this. And always and everywhere was proud of them. Remember when he I defended my dissertation, I went out and said to him: “I am you as their homeland, proud, Serge!” And he was there the Commission said: “the Wife looked at you like that! Unbelievable…” And I just every second realized how I am lucky: what an incredibly deep and talented man next to me.”

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On children

“I understand now — so we could have a lot of our children to give the two of us. Am I the only one not able to do it. This makes me very hard. Seriously, I don’t have those daily hours in the kitchen with him when we could until morning to talk, talk, talk. Had to talk the same way. To go in the car and be silent. Or home to stay and be silent. Sometimes I see people do not know how to be silent with each other, and we could. Not spoke — but it didn’t mean that we don’t want to talk, we’re still together, we have an internal dialogue between themselves. And our son Sasha — he’s just very similar in character to Jacob. Very. Even in the movements sometimes: when he starts to wriggle or dance, I right current breaks because I see him. Somehow genetically passed on to all, up to the character. And I understand that, if she and Sergei were now together, they’re so thin each other can feel and understand”.

On the last meeting

“In August we had our with Bodrov’s son Sasha. I remember well how we’re driving from the hospital and calls Kushnarev: “Congratulations, Sveta!” And then Serge says: “Well, when will we meet?” Bodrov says: “Look, I’m going to the shooting in North Ossetia. When you return from Vladikavkaz, and will meet again”. It was their last conversation. After Sacha’s birth, we spent two weeks staying at home. Then Sergey drove us to the cottage and went to the shooting. I’m just like now I see: he gets into his this beloved “land Rover defender” is huge and says “I straight from the airport to you.” This is the last of his sentence. And I escorted him. You know, he came into my life like a bird, and flew away”.

About what happened next

“We before leaving Seregin bought an apartment. There were the bare walls. Two children. Need something to feed them, you have to earn money to live. But I do not remember these months. In my opinion, I generally do not think. I didn’t realize that all I’m left with nothing, it’s over. And here September 20 it happened on the 5th of November I went to the shooting, “Wait for me”. I flew in Ossetia every weekend. And, you know, when in different films and programs Ossetians say that the government of the country they helped no one, it is not so. When there came a situation that was about all to disperse, there was no technique, there was no support and the phone is silent — this is also very scary when the phone stopped, everything, no one believes, says nothing at all… silence. You know, somehow it was on the brink. And I Shackle Kushnarev says, “You should probably call Ernst. Only he can be output to the top.” The level of the presidents of the republics, which could give the team to continue to look for those of us who could go? Shackle got me the phone and I called Kostya Ernst. I called in my mind already some, in desperation, completely oblivious of what day of the week, which hour. I told him, sobbing, said into the phone: “I beg you as a woman, as a wife, as a mother. I beg you, help me!” And Peter, to his credit, says: “Light, I will help.” Came and equipment: excavators, tractors, something that was required. About it no one ever says. And he’s not talking. But so it was. I then called him a lot, sometimes directly from the mountain, out of Ossetia. And he contacted Sergei Shoigu, with other Ministers. And they helped, allocated, sent. Divers, speleologists. For some reason he never talks about it. I never gave an interview, that no one knows. Until the last day of the search operation he was connected, called, asked, helped. He didn’t seem to want to believe that this is the end”.