The widow of Robin Williams has explained why he killed himself

Вдова Робина Уильямса рассказала, почему он покончил с собой

Two years later, the wife of the actor told of his travail.

The most famous comedian of America, idol of millions, was not Aug 11, 2014. The actor committed suicide in his home in Tiburon, California. Aficionados knew that Robin was ill last years.

But only now, two years later, the wife of Williams told about the true reasons for the suicide.

Susan Schneider published an essay called “a Terrorist in the head of my husband.” In it she told me that William was suffering from a disease called “dementia with Lewy bodies” is the second after Alzheimer’s kind of dementia.

“He went crazy and knew it. It is difficult to imagine the pain he felt, feeling like falling apart. But no one – no amount of sympathy and love, nothing could stop what was happening to him. He kept saying, “I want you to reboot your brain,” wrote in an essay a widow.

Recall, Williams – winner of the award “Oscar”. Millions of viewers the actor has memorable roles in the films “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Jumanji”, “Captain Hook” and “Night at the Museum”. The artist is survived by three adult children.