The widow of Patrick Swayze sells his wig

Вдова Патрика Суэйзи продаёт его парик

Lisa Niemi, the widow of the deceased Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze, finally decided to sell every single belongings of the artist. The greed of women is so great that she put up for sale even wig Patrick, who is losing hair Swayze wore during cancer treatment.

“Lisa is a new low,” said an insider close to the family of Patrick, amazed by new actions of the former daughter-in-law. Previously, Lisa got from Swayze’s niece Danielle, who swore on his Facebook page to break her into a thousand pieces.
Recall that Niemi was the only person who has received a legacy of Patrick, who died in 2009 after a long illness. His will star in “Dirty dancing” has changed in just a few weeks before his death, and his relatives say that at the time Patrick was not thinking clearly, and notary to the dying brought my husband.. his wife.
Now Lisa is married to jeweler Albert Deprisco, whom she married in 2014. In the house, which was for many years their with Patrick family nest, Niemi started a major overhaul, and things my first husband turned out to be unnecessary junk that she planned to sell at a good price. Auction Lisa sells a lot of personal and memorabilia of Patrick, which, according to his relatives, should belong to them.
On his page in the social network, Daniel called for a boycott of the auction by a greedy aunt, but it is Niemi, it seems, will not stop.