The widow of Oleg Efremov was urgently hospitalized

Вдова Олега Ефремова была экстренно госпитализирована 79-year-old Alla Pokrovskaya was in the hospital, complaining of heart problems. After treatment in the intensive care unit, the woman was transferred to cardiology. At the moment the as Alla has improved. The actress confirmed to reporters, located within the walls of medical facilities.

      Вдова Олега Ефремова была экстренно госпитализирована

      Today in mass media there was information that the 79-year-old Alla Pokrovskaya was in the hospital a few days ago. The woman feels dizzy was taken to the intensive care unit. Medical experts put the people’s artist of the RSFSR, the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Thanks to the efforts of doctors as the widow of Oleg Efremov has improved significantly. It is reported that Alla Borisovna appointed droppers.

      At the moment of the intercession restored to the Department of cardiology. Friends are trying to support the artist. The woman’s son is a famous actor Mikhail Efremov and one of her grandchildren was visiting a woman in a medical facility.

      Alla Pokrovskaya was born 18 Sep 1937 in Moscow. Her father is a famous Director Boris Pokrovsky and her mother is an employee of the Central children’s theatre Anna Nekrasova. Since childhood, Alla dreamed of becoming an actress, but her parents entered the Moscow pedagogical Institute. A year later Pokrovskaya decided to leave school and began to engage in the theatrical circle. It helped her to become a student of the School-Studio MXAT.

      After completing the course of Viktor Stanitsyn future star began working in the theater “Contemporary”. On the stage of the institution Alla shone more than forty-five years. The woman played in plays such as “Five nights”, “Look back in anger”, “bottom”, “Windsor scoffer”. At different times of the intercession has also appeared on the scene “Snuffboxes” and the Chekhov Moscow art theatre.

      In addition, people’s artist of the RSFSR actively acted in films. It is known for its participation in such films as “the July rain”, “Diary of a school Director”, “Fox Hunting” and “Day train”.

      Marriage Alla and Oleg was one of the strongest in the actor’s environment. Intercession became the third wife of the star. In 1963 in a family of celebrities has become bigger – the couple had a son named Michael. In 2000 Oleg Yefremov died of lung disease. The legendary artist died in Moscow in his apartment on Tverskaya street. Ephraim was buried at Novodevichy cemetery, next to Konstantin Stanislavsky.

      Alla Pokrovskaya confirmed to reporters that at the moment is in the hospital. More actress did not say anything, because the hospital asked her not to talk on the phone, according to