Вдова Михаила Задорнова недовольна его завещанием Elena got what was amassed during their marriage. However, the first wife of Mikhail Zadornov owns the copyright to his works, which means regular income.
Вдова Михаила Задорнова недовольна его завещанием

A will left by Mikhail Zadornov, surprised some of his relatives. The first wife of comedian Welte and his widow Elena Bombini will have to contact each other, as they both became heirs under the will. However, as told to journalists by a close associate of Mikhail Nikolayevich, the second wife upset with him.

“In recent years, his relationship with Welt steel even better than with the second wife. It is not surprising that Zadornov pointed out in the will of both wives. All movable and immovable property he divided in shares between the first and second wife and a daughter Lena. But a luxurious library in Riga bequeathed to one of his friends. Velta my name is very considerate and wise woman. She is originally from Riga, but now lives in Moscow. Zadornov understood that the first wife to manage his artistic legacy. I know that already there were dealers who would like Zadornov script to do something. But everyone will have to ask permission – not only by his widow, Elena Bombini, but the first wife of Welty. So after the death of Mikhail Nikolayevich they will have to contact. Both the couple became the heirs to the bequest. And in the best position of the first wife, she got more. A rare case! Copyright – this is a steady income…” – says a friend Zadornov.

According to her, Elena had little care for her husband when he was ill and received treatment in Germany. Then he was surrounded by other women: my sister, daughter and first wife Velta. He shared his observations with his cousin, Elena’s always off.

“Mikhail, it is said, told my sister. Were a sort of bells. For example, when the question arose about paying expensive treatment, the family gathered for a Council – it would be necessary to sell something. Bombina suggested: let’s sell a house in Jurmala! And everyone understood why. The cottage is purchased in marriage to Velta, decorated with her in half. Bombina understood that she is unlikely to qualify for the country. And she was not sorry to get rid of it… I watched both at the funeral. Velta was heartbroken. And Elena from time to time, fix her hair, she was matter what she looks like even in a tragic moment…” said a familiar humorist.

Before dying Zadornov more aware. It was rumored that he even called a priest. He also decided to apologize to the Welt, which is much deceived. “Sister Zadornov Lyudmila told me that just before leaving, Mikhail has a lot and realized. Realized how much he hurt really close to him, the first wife Velta. She always behaved impeccably. Before his death, he with tears in his eyes for the first time asked for her forgiveness. Zadornov I never did… And she was fine”, the woman added in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.