Вдова Игоря Талькова не смогла обрести счастье с другим мужчиной Tatiana never married after the death of her husband. The woman told how there was her life after the tragic events of 25 years ago. According to Talc, the desire to live returned to her only son.

      Вдова Игоря Талькова не смогла обрести счастье с другим мужчиной

      The widow of Igor Talkova Tatiana still remembers that fateful day was not her husband. 25 years ago the musician died backstage after a concert in St. Petersburg. He died from a gunshot wound. Still move the new versions in the case of the death of the singer. On the stage of the concert hall in St. Petersburg not so long ago passed a concert devoted to Talc. Gazmanov, Surganova Bulanova honored the memory of Igor Talkova

      Tatyana tried several times to conduct an independent investigation of the tragedy, but then left it because it caused her pain. The woman was in despair after the death of her husband.

      “The desire to live returned to me son. After the funeral he came up to me and said, “Mom, now I Igor talc-senior?” Touching. He was at that time 9 years. And he from that time I like men taking care of. Life divided into “before” and “after”. The first year was very hard. I could not believe that Igor will not be back. 12 years I worked only wife. And when Igor did not, my girlfriend returned to the profession. Now I work as a casting Director,” – told talc.

      Many years after the terrible tragedy of Tatiana never learned to call myself a widow. However, she never did find happiness again in marriage. “I can’t say that I sat like a recluse, hiding from the men behind the curtains. I tried. Failed. I couldn’t, somehow all wrong. Then, I do not tolerate deception and lies. The meaning of the word “married,” I realized, when Igor did not,” admitted the woman.

      According to Talc, all her love she gave to the son of Igor, and then grandchildren. The heir of the famous musician also performs on stage with the band which takes the songs not only father but also their own. The son of Igor Talkova moved to Saint Petersburg

      Tatiana believes that the details of the tragedy Talc simply ignore. “I said friends, “Tanya, calm down, we have nothing to find out. There’s so much money given to hush up!” Who gave whom I never, probably, do not know. The revolver, from which Igor was killed, was thrown into the river. He figured in a few years,” said the woman in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.