Вдову Игоря Арташонова выгнали на улицу The wife of the deceased about a year ago, actor Christine Ruban with the child left without a penny. At that moment the woman was diagnosed with cancer. Everything else, fraudulently actress daughter stripped housing.

      Вдову Игоря Арташонова выгнали на улицу

      Actor Igor Artashonov did not July 18 last year, the cause of sudden death – cut off the blood clot. His family is still going through a tough time. The other day his wife, actress Christine Ruban, and 6-year-old daughter Lada was kicked out of a rented apartment.

      “After the death of Igor, we are left without a penny,” said the artist’s wife “StarHit”. – I was not, but had to pay for the treatment – I have cancer, to rent an apartment. Sent daughter to Bryansk to grandma and grandpa. Moved into a cheap Studio apartment with an area of 19 sq m in the suburbs. When the landlord Irina found out who I am a widow, offered me a job in his clothing store, gave a good salary.”

      Money Ruban was not enough, and the Ira found out that Igor Artesanos Troekurov buried at a cemetery, one of the most expensive in Moscow, next to it free space that belongs to Christine. It’s worth three million rubles. And Irina was advised to change it to a Studio.

      “I agreed,” continues Ruban. I recently came to the mother brought the daughter. And one day Irina came to visit. We all sat at the table and talking about the reissue of securities on a place in the cemetery, it turned out that not everything is so simple. Mom explained that by law I have the right to give it only to blood relatives free of charge. A deal could not take place La, I apologized to Irene. She said nothing, and two days later called and tried to persuade, they say, solve all its lawyers, fake relationship. I didn’t want to break the law, and I refused.

      Widow Artashonov, suspecting nothing, continued to live as before, until one day lost his and job, and apartment.

      “Irina came to the apartment and was stunned: “Pull over right now.” I was taken aback, because we have a lease and I have to give a month’s notice – says Ruban. But she was adamant, calling me the last words and throwing everything around. And the next day, after returning home, found the scattered clothes and papers. Thought that the robbers, but called Irina: “I found your lease – now you have nothing to flaunt. Get out with your daughter, until you are buried. The money you receive is not earned”. She put us on the street on June 14. Had to Wake up friends to find shelter for the night. And in the morning I went to the police.”

      Now the family of Igor Artashonov rented a room, the money helped friends. Christina continues to go on auditions in the search for roles and to the doctors. But, fortunately, only for tests – recently, the disease went into remission.

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