The widow of Hugh Hefner is selling his inheritance

Вдова Хью Хефнера распродает его наследство
Crystal Harris not enough five million.

Вдова Хью Хефнера распродает его наследство

Hugh Hefner


The Widow Of Hugh
Hefner, founder, “Playboy” has already spent
a significant part of the left her large sums. And now she’s put on
sale house in Hollywood Hills,
who also bequeathed her a Hugh. Crystal expects to receive for it not less than 7
millions of dollars, although when Hefner purchased it in 2013-the year in just 5

When in September
2017 Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 years, everyone thought that the Crystal will do
with nothing. Because at the time Hefner
said that nothing she will not leave.
It was assumed that all 50 million of state will be divided between the four
children Haffner. However, it seems that afterwards he changed his mind. When
announced the will of the Mogul, it turned out that Hugh bequeathed the Crystal that house,
she now sells another five million dollars. But as you can see, the money
we are accustomed to living in luxury Crystal began to melt away very quickly and it
decided it was time to turn her inherited property in cash.

Recall that Hugh lived with Crystal
legally married only five years. He got engaged with her in 2010, but five days before
the wedding, Harris broke off the engagement and ran away from Hefner. married her in
2012. But later she changed her mind and went back to Hugh. One of her
forgave, and in December 2012 they were married.

Hugh Hefner and crystal Harris