The widow of George Harrison found the manuscript of an unknown song

Вдова Джорджа Харрисона нашла рукопись неизвестной песни

The widow of a member of the British rock group The Beatles, George Harrison, Olivia, found a manuscript previously unknown songs created by her husband. According to the publication ABC News, obnarujeny lyrics was devoted to Ringo Starr, drummer of the group. Actually, the song is called “Hey Ringo”.

It is difficult to say when exactly the song was written, one can only assume that somewhere in the 70s.
Only to find the manuscript, Olivia immediately showed it to Starr, and he said he had never seen her and didn’t even know about its existence. Now the widow of the guitarist believes that it would be best leave it at tor, to whom it is addressed. She’s going to insert it in a frame and give to a colleague of her husband.
In the text of the song there are such words: “without you my guitar would play too slowly.” Starr was very moved suddenly, surging to his memories and said that Harrison was his best friend. Text of this message from the past will also be printed in a re-released book of memoirs Ringo.