The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva suing relatives because of the inheritance

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства The heir of the last wife of the famous Actresses claim to half of her property. Irina Zybina has told that Alexander had a very difficult relationship with a parent. As it turned out, he had not maintained communication with the father and was repeatedly criticized by a loved one.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства

In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” honored artist of Russia Irina Zybina said the claims by the son of her fourth husband, Alexander Blagonravova. His name is also Alexander – the family of the deceased husband of the actress was customary to give sons the name. The man first asked the notary, and then to the court. He claims to be half of the inheritance and needs to divide the four apartments in Moscow and a country house with a plot. The entire property is recorded at Zybina.

According to the actress, she is afraid to be on the street. The property, the owner of which Irina is a place in her heart as the memory of Evstigneev. The Zybina said that the deceased her husband is still dreaming.

“If I take a house in the suburbs, I will take the memory of Evgeny Alexandrovich. He claims to be all that I have, including the apartment in which I live. It was bought with the money from the sold apartment in which we lived by Yevgeny Alexandrovich. He further claims to the land which were given to Evgeny,” – said the widow of the famous actor.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства

The Zybina has learned from the press that Alexander decided to go to court. Latest Irina’s husband passed away in February of this year. For the actress this is a very sore subject. “He loved me and I loved him madly. It was a big love. I had been wedded wife, I’ve never cheated on him. I saved him from the terrible disease, he was suffering from alcoholism. I helped him and paid off his debts,” – says the woman.

Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked by Zybina, what her relationship with her stepson Alexander. Irina does not exclude that he might start to sue because of personal animosity.

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства“Judging by what he’s done now, yeah, he’s jealous. In fact, it seemed to me that we have a great relationship, and I do not understand… Another thing is that they had a complicated relationship. Over the years, they have not seen” – shared the actress.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства

Because of the conflict with the stepson Irina lost sleep. “I don’t sleep nights, I can’t eat. How can he claim? He believes that I should sell, including an apartment, which I had so lovingly created. Evgeny is the main man in my life. In fact, all of my men just had no luck… I could not help comparing them with Evgeny Alexandrovich. We broke up at the peak of love, we are separated by death. Nothing, we will meet again. So the book I called “I’m alive,” said the woman.

Eugene, son of Irina Zybina and George USEPA adopted her last husband Alexander by Blagonravova appeared in the Studio, to support the mother.

“My brother had no relationships. He didn’t visit my dad 8 years. Sometimes mom out of desperation called Sasha and asked for help. He talked to the father. Claimed: “that’s why I don’t talk to him. He will do this to your family as well as ours.” But she naive, was conducted to his argument. These years were difficult, but Sasha 100% out of our family,” said the young man.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева судится с родственниками из-за наследства