The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva gave the apartment in the center of Moscow to his stepson

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева отдала квартиру в центре Москвы его пасынку Irina Zybina has agreed to a settlement agreement. Over a long period of time Alexander Blagonravov, Jr., the son of her second husband, wanted to get housing in the centre of Moscow, but not paying extra actress 500 thousand. This case involved his lawyers.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева отдала квартиру в центре Москвы его пасынку

Second spouse Irina Zybina died a few years ago. He left a legacy which she actively shares with her stepson, Alexander by Blagonravova Jr. A woman once appeared in the studios of the TV show and talked about a difficult situation. The summons she received last fall. Blagonravov, Jr., is connected to the case lawyers. Wednesday, April 18 in the Tver court, the parties were able to reach a settlement agreement.

The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva suing relatives because of the inheritance

After the meeting with the journalists talked to the lawyer and Zybina young lover women Denis Serdyukov. Irina is now expecting a child. Besides, she had not yet recovered from injury. Recently, she smashed his head. The Zybina fainted right on the street, hit the curb.

Earlier, the stepchild of the other spouse by Zybina refused additional payments for the apartment in the center of Moscow. Irina demanded from him 500 thousand rubles. They managed to solve the issue peacefully.

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева отдала квартиру в центре Москвы его пасынку“With great difficulty we came to the world, but the judge postponed the signing of the decision until tomorrow. My principal waives all requirements and Irina Zybina gives him an apartment on ulitsa Chayanova. Its cadastral cost — 17 million roubles, and market — 12.5 million rubles. No additional payments she receives — the value of the share of Alexander is higher than it will ultimately receive. In addition, both sides give a commitment that more on this occasion to speak publicly will not. Not to say that we are happy or not. I would like all of this is over, especially after the last-mentioned fictions [about the alleged fatal disease Blagonravova Alexander, Jr.], after which Alexander is now shaking,” said lawyer Irina Blagonravova Petrov.

Land and other immovable property by Zybina, part of which is inherited from Evgenia Evstegneeva still belong to her.

“The peace agreement is signed. Naturally, I was worried all acquired by overwork. I was ready to part with this apartment, if only he [stepson] behind me. I decided to finish the trial, because my moral and ethical standards above all these squabbles. I hold the position of classics: “Worthless lilies spin”, and I compete with such a… volatile opponent, as my stepson, Alexander,” said the Zybina after the trial in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.