The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva decided on plastic for the sake of youth

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева решилась на пластику ради сохранения молодости Irina Zybina got an eye lift. The actress does not hesitate to talk about the procedures resorted to in order to successfully combat signs of aging. She argues that will appeal to surgeons and in the future, when it is really necessary.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева решилась на пластику ради сохранения молодости

Fans of the actress Irina Zybina not get tired to admire her unfading beauty. Now the woman is 54 years old, but she looks a maximum of 40. Unlike many colleagues on the stage, the star does not hide the love for plastic surgery. Recently, she decided to blepharoplasty and gave an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe.” directly from a hospital ward.

“To preserve his youth I do peels, laser treatments. Botox prick a little as I have this and everything is fine. Hyaluronic acid is also widely used. This is all I love”, – said Irina.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева решилась на пластику ради сохранения молодости

Eyelid surgery, according to the actress, was to make her look more open, to refresh the image. The Zybina does not deny that in the future will resort to a facelift, but it is not going to do that.

To plastic surgery the widow of Eugene Evstigneeva is positive. The actress is not afraid of a surgical intervention, because she is confident in the professionalism of surgeons. Moreover, she believes that artists should support the exterior in perfect condition by any means.

“It seems to me that the person who appears before the public, needs to look good. If he doesn’t watch out, it’s somehow indecent. Still, that does not take a shower,” said the Zybina.

Fans of women support her point of view. “Irina, you are an incredible beauty. You look just perfect”, “Now Zybina even more attractive than in his youth” – so fans of the actress react to every new photo in her Instagram.

In an interview Zybina not only discussed ways of dealing with old age, but also touched on a painful subject of the death of a third husband. According to the woman, her husband tried to get rid of alcohol addiction, but was never able to overcome the problem.

“I loved him very much. Tried to cure all these 16 years that we were together. However, the problem persisted. One day he just went into a coma and didn’t awake,” he told Zybina.

Now Irene tries not to think about the personal tragedy and wants to leave experiences in the past. It is demanded in the profession, therefore, devotes all his time to work, actively playing in film and theatre.