The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva clashed with her husband’s mistress

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева схлестнулась с любовницей мужа For a long time, the theater and film actress Irina Zybina fighting over the estate with relatives of the deceased fourth husband Alexander Blagonravova. The businessman died last year. The woman who calls herself his mistress, filed a claim with Zybina in the TV show.
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева схлестнулась с любовницей мужа

The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina was back in the center of the scandal. Honored artist of Russia cannot solve contradictions, arising with relatives the fourth wife of Alexander Blagonravova. Male passed away in February of last year. His son Alexander’s claim to a half of the inheritance. Now Irene has a new problem – turned up a woman who called herself mistress Blagonravova. This Zybina has told in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.»

Irina Konstantinovna does not believe that her husband Alexander had an affair with Irina Vedenkina. The actress still cannot come to terms with the loss of a loved one and regularly visits his grave.

“She came up with the story, turning my life into a nightmare. Some courts, sections of the property. It worked on my son’s deceased wife, and brought me to the hospital. There are people who have nothing else to live – says the actress. – Probably, it’s some female jealousy. I don’t think the stepson Sasha himself could come up with it all. Sure, I know Irina, she’s no mistress. Just stuck to him.”
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева схлестнулась с любовницей мужа

At the same time, Irina Vedenkina claims to know Blagonravova c 17. “He nostalgically recalled the Soviet times. I was trying to recreate the Soviet family. I don’t think we have enough time. We could have done it, – said the alleged mistress of a man. – He has done a lot for Irina Zybina, including adopted her son. Jack was a tough boy, he pulled him out of this mess”. According to Vedenkina, a year before the death of her husband, the actress went with him.

“Talk about the divorce was that she was the first to speak. He agreed, but realized that would not be a simple divorce and division of property in a peaceful way, – says Vedenkina. – He knew that he was in poor health. All the stress could have a negative impact on health, so he left it at that. The year before that they were already living separately, they had a partnership. She told me in an interview.”
Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева схлестнулась с любовницей мужа

Friend and colleague Blagonravova Alexander Tsygankov said that he was familiar with him since the ‘ 70s. In his opinion, he could get involved in Vedenkina. “There was something, but they don’t advertise it,” – says Tsygankov.

In the program it turned out that the businessman and the artist made a marriage contract. “I signed this document. He promised me that he would not drink, and I broke the” – shared Zybina. Lawyer Irina Konstantinovna said that was wrong. “I had my first such client. She made all the legal errors that only can do a loving woman,” said the representative of the actress.

By the way, the widow of Eugene Evstigneeva like to go to the world with the son of her deceased husband. But Alexander Blagonravova Jr. is not satisfied with the terms of the agreement with the actress. “She offered one of the apartments, the smallest, which is also in the mortgage”, – explained the lawyer of the young man. Discussions between the parties never cease. As claimed by the alleged mistress of a businessman, he foresaw such a situation.

“She took such a position and says: “Do not let anyone. Me, the widow Evstigneeva, hurt, want to offend.” I think this is wrong. How vain to vilify and insult the whole family (together, they are very worthy people)? In all this there lies. To me it’s depressing, but I don’t know how to stop it. Of course, Sasha saw what was coming, told Vedenkina. – I realized that he was alone, so I stayed to live with him. We’ve said to each other, I heard from him that was waiting for all my life. I think that he, too, was pleased. When I picked him up from the clinic, he said, “I knew you’d save me”.

Listening to the statements alleged mistress of her husband, Zybina shook his head. “Theatre of the absurd” – with these words she described the behavior of Vedenkina.

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева схлестнулась с любовницей мужа

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