The widow of Dmitry Marjanova was subjected to harassment

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова подверглась травле The woman reported that she was threatened. Xenia BIK attacked representatives of various talk shows. At Sloan women, she lives as hell. The press is calling her day and night, and some of them are on duty at the entrance.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова подверглась травле

In October didn’t become a famous actor Dmitry Marjanov. The man died on the way to the hospital from the rehabilitation center near Moscow. The widow of the artist Ksenia BIK refused to come on talk shows and talk about the deceased husband. However, journalists continue to attack the woman.

“I live like in hell, Dima is not. I attacked the journalists. Day and night I receive calls and acamas from unfamiliar numbers. Require come on some talk show, they threaten: “If you don’t come, you end…” I’ve already blocked these numbers. But now some people with cameras came to me, I was on duty near the house,” – said Ksenia.

According to BICK, she is confused and doesn’t know how to fight back the paparazzi. A woman is going to even call the police if harassment by media professionals will continue. “I might have to go somewhere, to hide. Not from investigators, namely television,” – said Ksenia.

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова подверглась травле

Ksenia told reporters that with Dmitry they were the example to follow. That she was able to find an approach to the famous actor. The woman is so captivated by him that in 45 years he broke up with single status.

“We have a morning started with the fact that he kissed my feet and said, “I live because of you”. I have his last letter that he wrote to me. So full of love! He said: “I got you! How do you live with me?!” He had a difficult character. After all, no wonder he so many years not married. With him it was not easy to live, not everyone can. It has to be around people of a certain warehouse. He was very explosive, emotional, even dramatic. I, on the contrary, it is balanced. I’m a very calm person”, – shared Ksenia, in an interview.

Earlier, the actor’s widow confirmed that Maranova really found a blood clot in the last year. According to her, the famous actor lived in krovanistaya drugs. She tried to monitor his health. Maryanov was checking his feet this summer, but the doctors found nothing that could threaten his life. Close close to the actor admired the relationship of the couple.

Xenia and Dmitry grew up the daughter Anfisa, the girl had a premonition of the death of his father in a few days. Now the child is difficult to tolerate the situation. “I was literally torturing Daughter cries all the time. I understand that I must keep for her sake,” said BICK in an interview with “Revelations of the stars.”