The widow of Dmitry Marjanova to her husband: “My only boy! You don’t. I die slowly”

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова мужу: «Мой единственный мальчик! Тебя нет. Я умираю медленно» Today 40 days, how not to become an actor. His wife Ksenia BIK left the post in the social network, which told how she felt. The woman still could not believe that the death of a loved one.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова мужу: «Мой единственный мальчик! Тебя нет. Я умираю медленно»

On 15 October ended the life of Dmitry Maryanova. The actor died from a torn blood clot. Familiar movie stars did not have time to take him to the hospital. The last days he spent in a rehabilitation center in the suburbs. His widow Xenia BIK tried not to communicate with journalists, only occasionally telling how she’s hurt that some people try to blacken the memory of the actor, as well as blame her for his death. Only after 40 days it is possible to splash out all emotions on the personal page in a social network.

“My favorite, the only boy. The idea that you’re on a long tour, saved the first two weeks. And then stopped “working”. The depth of horror that is beyond words. Home soaked every inch, every object: from the things to sweets. Who will understand this oddity: take the candy that was laying lonely on the shelf, and thought, as the blade: “Dimka brought from Rostov”. And even the wrapper sticks to the palm of your hand. Piece by piece goes nowhere. And this is the life! All that can be disgusting, sticky and nasty – showed his face and blossomed in all its vulgar and dirty power. All the things you kept and the shore with their wings our family. People, words, dirty fingers poking up anywhere, black mouth, like pit latrines, clowns, who have forgotten that they are men, those who earned on your talent and earn money still, cheap things crazy, polypeptide, useless, offended women,” so the beginning of the post BIC.

According to Kseniya, she had enough difficult, because the death of her husband discussed his former wife, patients of the rehabilitation center and many other broadcast shows.

Irina Lobacheva attacked the widow of Dmitry Marjanova in a live TV show

“You don’t. You can’t comfort me, to hold, to shut these dirty rags throats, “shoot” everyone who considers himself the right the “brave and courageous” to kick my dead body inside. But it’s all dust, dear. The dust and stench of the Apocalypse, which goes wide, destroying the planet. I’ll tell you the same thing I repeat every day out loud: “I love you”. And the sound of yelling, his head, nails tearing his throat: “I miss you!” God has failed and we will not be able to break so easy! Some kind of death. But, I must admit that subtly it is us,” writes the widow of the artist.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова мужу: «Мой единственный мальчик! Тебя нет. Я умираю медленно»

In his revelations BIK explained how their daughter is going through the death of his father. “You don’t. Me no one else your voice will not be called “my little kasasa”, “sugar sugar”. Anfiska earlier no one was allowed to call himself a “Pan”, and now everyone requires to hear these sounds. With someone else’s energy. Other people’s feelings. The combination of letters. You’re there all ready like we planned, okay? We’ve got all eternity. I do not fear death, because you are waiting for me”, – says Kseniya.

She hopes she will meet again with her husband after death. However, it was difficult for her, the actor’s wife is not going to abort the life of their own, because Dimitri has always believed in its power.

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова мужу: «Мой единственный мальчик! Тебя нет. Я умираю медленно»“Our daughter will be alone alone with the city I so reluctant to come. My parents did not survive! They’ve come for me! So it is impossible. I declare war on your own life! Which is not and never will love. My beloved, hear! I hold the line! So it hurts because that I die. And the new will. Fit, so to speak. Universal soldier, devoid of fear and pain,” explains BICK.

According to the BFI, she has completely revised the Outlook on life. She admits that it is unlikely she will be able again to love so much. Every word of it is post impregnated with the pain of loss. The woman claims that some of it is gone together with her husband.

“I’m dying slowly, but I will not say a word. Don’t make a sound. As a samurai, dear. You’ll be proud of me, as always, are amazing! It is necessary to rewrite the book of Genesis, where the main thing was love. I will tear his chest, and trample all that he can to hurt; scratched from his bones the desire to live for love, I will filter every cell that remembers love. And write a new book in which the key word will be different. And the other commandments and deadly sins. Everything that could be connected with the old me went along with you. You have a lot to do. However, I don’t know how you will cope without me – you have everything goes wrong. Guess you’ll just have to wait for me. Your xenica arrives, and all we can do!” – said Xenia.