The widow of Dmitry Marjanova spoke about the legacy

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова рассказала о наследстве

15 Oct died actor Dmitry Maryanov. According to some, he died of that clot. But there are also other versions, which now is the result. A grieving widow Maranova Xenia BIK same questioning in the Investigative Committee. Law enforcement authorities believe that the woman may be involved in the death of his wife, because she claimed the inheritance. BIK commented on this and explained the situation.

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова рассказала о наследстве

“I have nothing to justify. I saved Dima as he could! Failed… I say: “There is a possibility that you can open a criminal case that you heritage…” I replied: “It will disappoint you, but I do not belong”. Dima is very long talked about this, but it never did. He said that everything he has earned, should accrue to us. But he didn’t do anything, so there are no claims”, — explained Xenia.

BIC also told about the last years of his life with the actor. The widow confirmed that last year Maranova found a blood clot, which proves very popular version of his death. Last year, the actor lived in krovanistaya drugs. The wife cared about the health of her husband and tried to help him. This summer Maryanov checked their feet from doctors who did not suspect anything life-threatening. Now is the case. law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out why failed to save the life of the actor.

The surrounding pairs have always admired their relationship, because she has found a special approach to the man and forced him to say goodbye to single status in 45 years. “We have a morning started with the fact that he kissed my feet and said, “I live because of you”. I have his last letter that he wrote to me. So full of love! He said: “I got you! How do you live with me?!” He had a difficult character. After all, no wonder he so many years not married. With him it was not easy to live, not everyone can. It has to be around people of a certain warehouse. He was very explosive, emotional, even dramatic. I, on the contrary, it is balanced. I’m a very calm person,” says the woman.

The journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” asked BICK in an interview about how she copes with the loss and who supports it. “My mother and all my friends are actors. I sawed in half and buried one piece! Such relations as we have with Dima, there was none. I am a psychotherapist, a PhD, to me go people tell their fate. But these relations I have not met. They are no more and never will be. These, or any other. Because Dima will not replace anyone! It is the envy of the gods, apparently. We watched a friends and equal. Said: “We want the same.”” says the woman.

“I have nothing to justify. I saved Dima as he could! Failed…” she admits in an interview.