The widow of Dmitry Marjanova confessed eternal love

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова призналась ему в вечной любви Today, the actor would have turned 48 years old. Ksenia BIK suffers without her beloved spouse, who did not October 15. She wants to be with him. The woman puts on the page in social network posts and videos devoted husband.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова призналась ему в вечной любви

Today is the birthday of Dmitry Maryanova. The actor would have turned 48 years, however, October 15, his life was cut short. According to his friends and colleagues, December 1 is the day to his memory. The deceased spouse of the artist Ksenia BIK addressed it in a post on the page in a social network. On a black background in white letters is written a few words that touched her life.

“Today you were born. The only. Forever. Forever. See you later, dear”, a text posted widow Maryanova.

In the comments people leave supportive words. “Life is so short. And here on earth, we are something else, no happiness and no joy. We are waiting for the eternal and happy life with our loved ones. I believe,” “Without him the light would not light, and now we are all, alas, learned what darkness. Thank you that you have been and you will!” “Well, Dmitry was born , it hurts that he’s gone,” said users of the social network.

Fellow artists also left words of congratulations to Dmitry. Lyubov Tolkalina, who played with Martynovym in one performance, put their joint photo with her touching signature.

“Happy birthday, Dialink. My, our dear friend. Thank you for visit this planet and stayed with us. “What were you doing? I flowed like water. What did you bring? What will disappear without a trace; Songs without purpose, without shame song, Sung to relieve your grief. What we can control? Granite fields, Birds from the ashes, the balls of crystal. Where we walked, there is only the sky so the land, But the wind will come, and we are not sorry,” said Tolkalina.

Another friend of the artist, Elena Ksenofontova thanked Maranova for professionalism. “Thank you for the enormous pleasure to be your partner on the set and the stage, for your trust and tenderness, childishness, and a male terminal, for the humor and the irony, for our secrets, for friendship, for you. I so long for you to feel offended. So long. So much time lost. But about your birthday I always remember. Forgive me for my directness, obstinacy, pride. I’m sorry. You’re there, it don’t get lost, okay. You can’t get lost. You fool, like this one,” wrote the actress.