Вдова Дмитрия Хворостовского призналась в ему любви на кладбище Florence flew to Moscow to visit the grave of the artist on Valentine’s Day. Later, the woman published the photo, which wrote a moving letter to an Opera singer.

People’s artist of Russia died in late November of last year. For several years Dmitry Hvorostovsky has struggled with cancer. The wife of singer Florence was with him throughout his illness. Valentine’s Day is a widow “Golden baritone” arrived in Moscow, the Novodevichy cemetery to once again confess his love.

“Just been at the grave of her son. You’re in my heart forever. Love you, Dima!”Florence shared with fans online.

We will remind, Dmitry Hvorostovsky over 16 years was married to Italian Swiss origin Florence. The couple admired by the whole world.

“I remember Dima after the collapse of his first marriage: he was depressed, confused, said “StarHit” a family friend Pavel Antonov. Then I met Plochu and became a different person – happy, with a glint in his eyes. Dima was struck by how generous his favorite woman, accustomed to take care of, to protect. They have so many years together, and still all the time holding hands, even when no one is watching. But for all the idyllic pair is in their room for humour and mischief. Remember, a few months after the wedding came to visit them. Steel Flosey fooling around. I tell her: that you’re Floska-potatoes. And she said, “And you – Pasha-turd!”And how can it then be called not Russian, and Italian?»

To this Union were born Opera singer son Maxim and daughter Nina. Hvorostovsky was proud of the heirs, he repeatedly told reporters. Florence published family photos, telling the fans where they rest, how they spend free time, what are your Hobbies.

“Maxim yet with his professional interests are undecided. He is passionate about football, Barcelona, Messi. And Nina soles on the move tears. Everywhere and all the time and was engaged in music and dancing. Recently, they together, Nina and Maksim, made a portfolio, and they immediately showered with a variety of offers – cinema, TV, advertising, fashion shops and magazines. Behind all this process strictly follows Florence, I in details did not penetrate. I’m just encouraging their success” – shared Dmitry Aleksandrovich.