The widow of Batyrkhan Shukenov has defended the fees for the songs of her husband

Вдова Батырхана Шукенова отстояла гонорары за песни мужа Catherine Sheliakova succeeded. A woman wrote queries and complaints to a Union of rights holders considered the requirement to obtain contributions for the work of Batyrkhan Shukenov.
Вдова Батырхана Шукенова отстояла гонорары за песни мужа

The first soloist of group A’studio 52-year-old Batyrkhan Shukenov suddenly died 28 April 2015 from a heart attack. After the death of the musician and his wife Catherine Selyakova and 15-year-old son Maksut lived in two countries. In America, they sued for a house bought on credit Batyr, for which they had nothing to pay… And in Russia, pestered and authors ‘ society, and the Union of copyright holders, hoping for royalties for the singer.

On the day of death Batyrkhan Shukenov paid off all debts

“First, Katina documents on joining the legacy in these instances is simply not accepted, – says the “StarHit” Olzhas Bykanov, founder of Fund name of Batyrkhan Shukenov. – A few months kept saying, “Come too late!” But she did not give up: I sent requests, written complaints. And now, just recently, the intellectual activities of her husband was shared 50: 50.

Half of the law went to the son of a Warrior, second to his mother. Katia and her One-finally able to buy a house in Sarasota, Florida. It helped Fund name Shakenova, which held several events to raise money, joined by the friends of the Warrior.”
Вдова Батырхана Шукенова отстояла гонорары за песни мужа

The family of the musician was supported by not only relatives but also his colleagues. “The singer Valery Meladze paid One year in an American school, says Vladimir, a friend of Batyrkhan. – Also received a round sum from the businessman, who wished to remain anonymous. His money will be enough to go to College”.

In Alma-ATA in Kensai cemetery where he is buried idol, opened the memorial. Every day people bring flowers to him stand at the grave. Katya also tries to come visit mom wife. Constantly calling her on the phone, is interested in health. In the hometown of the artist left a lot of friends. By the way, they have plans to write a memorial book about it and publish a collection of songs Batyr.