The widow of Anatoly Ravikovitch: “I promised him that I would marry”

Вдова Анатолия Равиковича: «Я обещала ему, что выйду замуж» Irina Mazurkevich has made an unexpected statement. The widow of actor Anatoly Ravikovitch, famous chobotov from “the Pokrovskie gate”, admitted that before her husband’s death gave him the promise again to go down the aisle.
Вдова Анатолия Равиковича: «Я обещала ему, что выйду замуж»

Famous khobotova of lyrical paintings by Mikhail Kozakov, people’s artist of the country Anatoly Ravikovitch, did not five years ago. The actor died on April 8, 2012 in the hospital of St. Petersburg from heart failure. Anatoly Yurievich never recovered after earlier suffering a heart attack.

A few years later his widow, actress Irina Mazurkevich, became the heroine of the program of NTV “Once,” which made an unexpected confession. Irina Stepanovna shortly before the death of beloved promised him that I will not be alone after he left and got married.

Вдова Анатолия Равиковича: «Я обещала ему, что выйду замуж»“When he was ill, he said, “Well, we knew that I leave early. And you have to get married, don’t be one.” Probably, it will be… someday. In any case, I perceive people of the opposite sex, well… as someone with whom you can live… Perhaps it will. Here the question of time,” said Irina Stepanovna.
Вдова Анатолия Равиковича: «Я обещала ему, что выйду замуж»

Actress Mazurkiewicz 59 years of marriage with Ravikovich she has a daughter Elizabeth, who gave birth to her two grandchildren.

Her future husband Irina Stepanovna was found in the Lensovet theatre. She was 18, he was 40. But the age difference did not prevent though not very long, as she says Mazurkiewicz, but a happy family life. Remembering her husband, whom she affectionately calls Ravic, the actress could not hold back tears.

“When you say “33 years”, it seems that really a lot. Maybe because now not many people, especially in our environment, this term is kept. But in life, in retrospect, is quite a bit… When we first met, we had a big age difference, something I could not, and Ravic and was a good cook… It is what is was like Trunks, because the intellectual, and in some ways not – it very much could do with my hands”, – said Irina Mazurkevich.

Irina Mazurkevich made her film debut at 15, playing the role of a gymnast Tania in the movie “Miracle with pigtails”, and at 18 has become a partner of Vladimir Vysotsky in the film “the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married”. The premiere of the film coincided with the release of the artist from the Gorky theatre school.

In the graduation performance of Irina was noticed by the Director, Igor Vladimirov and was invited to work in Leningrad. The wizard searched the actress, travesty to replace Alice Freundlich, grew out of the role of the Kid in the play about the Carlson. The role of the men with the propeller was performed by Anatoly Ravikovich.

“A year before his death, Ravic was clinical death. Because ravic loved me very much and was sorry, as I say, it prepared me for this… So when he died he already knew what feelings to experience,” – said Irina Mazurkevich.