Вдова Анатолия Кузнецова ведет войну с зятем и дочерью Relatives of the performer of the role of comrade Sukhov from the famous film White sun of the desert” for a long time can not stop to sort things out. Says the wife of the late actor, her own heir was evicted mom from home. It has been a year of Alexander Lapichevskaya can’t get the keys to the apartment that belonged to Anatoly Kuznetsov, and lives in the country.

      Вдова Анатолия Кузнецова ведет войну с зятем и дочерью

      84-year-old Alexander Lyapidevskaya, the daughter of the famous pilot and the widow, people’s artist Anatoly Kuznetsov, known for his role of Sukhov in the film “White sun of the desert”, can not find a common language with her daughter and son-in-law. According to the woman, they evicted her from an apartment in the center of Moscow. It has been a year of Alexander A. forced to live in the country in the suburbs. This was reported by the correspondent of NTV in the program “You wouldn’t believe.”

      “And where am I to go? “RUB” about them and to see their faces that I don’t smile?” — does not hide his resentment the daughter of the first Hero of the Soviet Union.

      In the country house of the deceased spouse the woman reminds him. Your lonely evenings she spends looking at the pictures of Anatoly Kuznetsov and remembering how they lived together. Once the fans had to harass well-known artist and gave him fine gifts. Among them — the carpet of the President of Turkmenistan, which now adorns the interior of the country of comrade Sukhov. In addition, Kuznetsov was constantly taking my family on holiday abroad, including the expensive thermal resorts in Switzerland.

      The famous actor, who passed away in March 2014, did not leave a will. After the death of the artist in the possession of his relatives was the car, Villa and apartment of the actor. According to Alexandra Sukhova, her daughter Irene and her husband Sandro Andronikashvili (by the way, is a son of Soviet writer Boris Andronikashvili) begged of her car Kuznetsova and sold him for 700,000, to live happily. The couple travel a lot together — they were in Paris, Rome, Czech Republic.

      Вдова Анатолия Кузнецова ведет войну с зятем и дочерью“He tells me for no reason: “you g***nyuk. I gave him in the face. To which he replied: “And you d***dog.” After that I wanted to kick. And Ira closed the door and pretends he hears nothing. But in the end I gave him a kick in the ass…I Have no defenders. And daughter makes me to the curb,” said the woman reporters.

      But this, says Alexander A., was not enough for them. Irina and Sandro has evicted a woman from her room. Consequently she had to sleep in the kitchen on an old sofa.

      According to Spilevski, in all her troubles to blame Sandro. The woman had a serious conflict with his son because of the pictures. He hung around the house of its mother, artist Rusudan Khantadze, and presented to Anatoly Kuznetsov original creations of famous artists, who for many years served as the decoration of the apartment of comrade Sukhov decided to remove from the walls. Since then, Alexandra Anatolievna is a real war with his son.

      After numerous quarrels daughter Spilevski and Andronikashvili selected from the widow Kuznetsova keys to the apartment that belonged to the artist, and kicked her out. Now Alexandra Anatolievna have to live in the country.

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