The widow of Alexey Petrenko in a coma due to poisoning

Вдова Алексея Петренко впала в кому из-за отравления Azim was hospitalized over the weekend. According to relatives Abdumuminov, now all the worst is over. They thanked the acquaintances and friends for support. The woman is undergoing rehabilitation therapy.
Вдова Алексея Петренко впала в кому из-за отравления

The widow of the famous actor Alexei Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov was admitted to hospital unconscious last weekend. It happened on Friday evening. She participated in the evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of A. V. Petrenko “Galaxy Faith of Love and Creativity.” It was reported that she had disturbed cerebral circulation. Monday visit Azimy in the social network appeared a post, who left her family. They reported that the woman was in a coma for several hours, but now her life is not in danger.

“Mommy saved. Many thanks to the paramedics and intensive care, fighting for her life. Azim Rasulova 14 hours was in a deep coma. High professionalism of doctors allowed to bring her back to life without consequences. Stroke excluded. Left version poisoning. Diagnosis: coma of unknown etymology. It happened on April 13 between 21-22 hours of the evening in the large hall of the cinema House. Azim Rasulova were great on stage, sang, read, chatted with the audience. Hall its accompanied with thunderous applause. Then what happened behind the scenes is not clear. I’m sure once she gets stronger, everything will become clear. She’s already awake, talking, though still a little weak. Now undergoing rehabilitation therapy. All sincerely thank you for the prayers and warm attitude. Love and gratitude to life and creation,” reads the post.

In the comments of a post Azime wish recovery. We will remind that the last months have been difficult for the family Petrenko. It pursues Ulukbek Suleymanov, who calls himself the biological father of Melania. Abdumuminov not want to do a DNA test. She is supported by her friends: Emmanuel Vitorgan and Irina Mlodik.

“This man is threatening me like I owe him something and I obliged. If he wanted to sort out in court, then so be it. What would be the benefit to do a DNA test? We have a father who acknowledged paternity, and family. And then a man 11 years suddenly falls down and says, “Hello, I’m your uncle.” This is absurd. And you about the baby, don’t you think?” – said the woman in one of the ethers.