The widow of Alexei Petrenko suspected enemies of intentional poisoning

Вдова Алексея Петренко заподозрила врагов в намеренном отравлении More than a week ago Azim Abdumuminov wasn’t feeling well on the evening devoted to the 80 anniversary from the birthday of a famous husband. As a result, the woman was forced to immediately go to the doctors. Now Azim wakes up after the incident.
Вдова Алексея Петренко заподозрила врагов в намеренном отравлении

Last week the widow of Alexei Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov was in the hospital. The woman, who was unconscious, was urgently taken to a medical facility. It was reported that doctors have suspected Azimi the cerebral circulation. Later, the relatives of the wife of the famous artist came to public relations, writing that she felt much better. Experts had time to Abdumuminov needed help and brought out of the coma.

Close Azimi said that the version of the stroke is eliminated. According to them, the woman was poisoned. The journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” managed to contact Abdumuminov, who told us about his condition. At the moment the widow Petrenko is gradually getting better.

“Most importantly, the stroke was excluded. I did double CT of the brain and heart. By the pictures all turned out well. The doctors diagnosed him with “who is unknown to etymologists,” — said Azim. — While I have nothing to say can not, but the version of deliberate poisoning is not excluded. Because all is not clear started. Detractors many, you can see what is going on around me, what persecution organized.”
Вдова Алексея Петренко заподозрила врагов в намеренном отравлении

In the near future, the widow of Alexei Petrenko is going to hold a press conference where she will share her thoughts about the incident.

The incident that made sympathetic Abdumuminov seriously worried, took place on 13 April in the big hall of the cinema House on the evening in memory of Alexey Vasilyevich. In March this year, the famous actor would have turned 80 years old. His life ended 22 February 2017. “Azim Rasulova were great on stage, sang, read, chatted with the audience. Hall its accompanied with thunderous applause. Then what happened behind the scenes is not clear. I’m sure once she gets stronger, everything will become clear”, — shared the relatives of the women.

After the incident, Azim was so weak that she had to undergo rehabilitation therapy. “All sincerely thank you for the prayers and warm attitude. Love and gratitude to life and creativity,” added close Abdumuminov. It is not excluded that the woman’s condition was affected by the aggravation of long-standing conflict with her daughter Polina Petrenko. The last months have been really hard for the widow of the famous actor. According to Azimi, Pauline deliberately shies away from that little Melania was a DNA test that confirmed her relationship with the artist. There is another candidate for the role of girl’s father — the driver of Kyrgyzstan, Ulukbek Suleymanov. The man is ready to take Melanie to his family.