The widow of Alexei Petrenko revealed the truth about the paternity of his child

Вдова Алексея Петренко раскрыла правду об отцовстве его ребенка Azim Abdumuminov shared his Outlook on the current situation in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Earlier, the driver Ulukbek Suleymanov said he is the biological father of the heir Alexei Petrenko Melania.
Вдова Алексея Петренко раскрыла правду об отцовстве его ребенка

Azim Abdumuminov, the widow of Aleksey Petrenko, gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. A woman rarely makes contact with journalists. During the meeting with Andrey Malakhov she frankly told that she had to endure after the loss of her husband in February 2017 Alexei Vasilievich died on the 79 th year of life.

In the broadcast of the widow of a famous artist commented on the attacks of his daughter Pauline. For a long time Azim kept silent, fearing to get involved in the conflict with the successor Petrenko. Pauline believes that Abdumuminov driven by self-interest. Now it is conducting an investigation, trying to prove that the daughter Azimi Melania is not the successor of Alexey Vasilyevich.

“I see Pauline small child. I’m sure this woman has the age crisis. I completely understand, but agree whether the sound of one hand clapping? Must be mutual touching… you Know, a couple of times she called in drunk, I don’t even want to comment on it” – shared Abdumuminov.
Вдова Алексея Петренко раскрыла правду об отцовстве его ребенка

We are talking about the alleged father of Melania the driver Ulugbek Suleimanov. The man claims to be a real parent girls. According to Ulugbek, he met Azimi in 2003, and then they had a daughter, Aliya, who then became the Melania. However Abdumuminov denies such allegations. According to her, Suleymanov invented a scurrilous story claiming the inheritance Petrenko.

Wife Alexei Petrenko was accused of infidelity

“The real father of Melania – Alexey Vasilyevich, that he was doing paperwork. When I found out the story with this driver, tried to get in touch with him. He says, “You must renounce the deed, then you definitely will be left behind” – says Azim. – Then there was suddenly two of the crew, they came down to the house where we live, and then began to say that I killed Alexey Vasilyevich, stole daughter and evade criminal liability. I had stress, we almost lost the Melania”.
Вдова Алексея Петренко раскрыла правду об отцовстве его ребенка

Azim does not exclude that Ulukbek can collude with the daughter of Alexei Vasilievich to claim his property. The widow of the famous actor said that Suleymanov really was part of her family, working as a driver. Azime was sorry Ulugbek, so she tried to lend him a helping hand. However, as stated by the daughter of a woman Zarifa, he responded with ingratitude.

Вдова Алексея Петренко раскрыла правду об отцовстве его ребенка“This man is a liar. He was a confidant of my mother and she took me home from school. There were times when he was drunk, was brought to the house of friends, frightened me with a rolling pin and kicked into the street. Threatened that I did not tell my mother. Sometimes he used foul language”, – said the girl, barely holding back tears.

Words Zarifa said her grandmother. “Know who Ulukbek? He is homeless, an alcoholic, came always drunk. The neighbors came, saying, “Your daughter beat up”. The father heard and ran, chased him with a stick,” recalls Saodat ishmuhamedova, the mother of the widow of Alexei Petrenko.

At the same time Ulukbek, on the contrary, Azima accused of lying. “We lived with her in a civil marriage, between 2003 and 2010. We at one job worked. What she says is true. She claims that I supposedly worked for her driver,” – says the alleged biological father of the daughter of Alexei Petrenko.

What will resolve the dispute Azimi Abdumuminov and Ulugbek Suleimanov, is still unknown. The widow of a famous artist said that she deliberately poisoned. “Now go to trial, the property seized. We have not yet inherited,” said Azim. She also stressed that they are ready to sit down at the negotiating table.