The widow of Alexei Petrenko is suspected of forgery daughters

Вдову Алексея Петренко подозревают в подделке документов дочери Azime Abdumuminov could face imprisonment for a period of five years. Native heir Alexei Petrenko appealed to the court demanding to recognize the actions of the widow’s father’s fraudulent. Pauline believes that Azim has dishonestly appropriated the property of the artist.
Вдову Алексея Петренко подозревают в подделке документов дочери

Famous actor Alexei Petrenko died in late February of this year. People’s artist left a decent legacy, which has now become the subject of litigation between his daughter Petrenko, 55-year-old Pauline and his widow, a 45-year Asimow Abdumuminov. The woman was the third wife of a celebrity and spent the last six years of his life. The widow of Alexei Petrenko revealed the cause of his death

Polina Petrenko admits that the inheritance of the father would be of great help for her and her mother, Alla Petrenko, the first wife of the artist, which is now suffering from senile dementia.

“Why me, dear daughter, need to get some crumbs, but a man who clung to her father in the last years of his life, a huge amount, – rhetorically asked Polina Petrenko in an interview with journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV. – Dad made a good living, he received five thousand euros per day of shooting. I’m sure Azim made sure to clean up much.”
Вдову Алексея Петренко подозревают в подделке документов дочери

Polina Petrenko insists that the deeds for which her father supposedly gave Azime apartment in Moscow and a dacha in the suburbs, fake. It is suspected that the birth certificate where the father of the youngest daughter of Azima Melanie named Alexei Petrenko, too fake. By the way, the 10-year-old girl has a father who lives in Bishkek. “Azim tried to persuade me to abandon my daughter for her own happiness, – said Ulugbek Suleymanov. – I said no.”

But in the meantime, according to documents Melania was the daughter of Alexei Petrenko, and now she’s an equal heir, as Pauline. “I always doubted that the Pope acknowledged this child,” says a native daughter of the actor.

Handwriting examination has proved that the documents of the paternity Alexei Petrenko is a fake. According to the lawyer Polina Petrenko, the experts came to the conclusion that all of the signatures in the official papers were delivered by a female hand. Now we have to prove it in court. Proceedings on the claim Polina Petrenko to Azime Abdumuminov will begin in mid-October. The successor of the actor is confident that she will be able to prove the immorality Azimi. In case, if it is confirmed the fraud with the documents, the widow Petrenko could face up to five years of imprisonment.