The widow of Alexander Fatyushin told about the curse of Natalia gundarevoj

Вдова Александра Фатюшина рассказала о проклятье Натальи Гундаревой Elena Molchenko has become the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. She told me that she stole Natalia gundarevoj Alexander Fatyushin. At their wedding people’s artist of the RSFSR uttered the fateful phrase.
Вдова Александра Фатюшина рассказала о проклятье Натальи Гундаревой

Elena Molchenko has married a famous actor Alexander Fatyushin in 1986. Many said that it was a marriage of convenience. By the time the artist was already famous all over the Soviet Union, as Elena studied at the drama school. The young student did not know that Alexander Konstantinovich few years secretly met with Natalia gundarevoj. The artist was unable to forgive the betrayal of her lover.

“It was not a novel, it was more than a novel. She was called Shusha. And Sasha took an active part in natashino life they had a relationship. Let’s just say, I’m not to the court came. So when she found out we Sasha decided to get married, she almost fainted did not fall,” – said Molchenko.
Вдова Александра Фатюшина рассказала о проклятье Натальи Гундаревой

Gundareva and patulin served together in the same theatre played in the movie the roles of the spouses. Even the mother of the actor took Natalia Georgievna as a daughter-in-law. But the actor saw a young student Molchenko, decided to choose a wife.

Lovers invited to the wedding Gundareva. The actress pondered. In the end, Natalia was among the guests. And even made a toast to a former lover.

“I hope that the Shura will not fail us,” said Gundareva newlyweds.

Elena and Alexander have lived together for almost 20 years. As admitted Molchenko, only in marriage, she learned that the actor suffered from alcoholism.

“Sasha from a good family with aristocratic roots, but his parents… Father was a taxi driver, brother driver. They were simple Ryazan taxi drivers… It would be odd if he is your childhood whiled away in the library. Sasha loved a feast of friends” – shared Elena.

Children have Fatyushina and Molchenko has not appeared. The actor’s widow explained that Alexander did not burn the idea of becoming a father. “Such a topic… I can’t say we raved about the kid. We just thought it strange that it is not. We went to the doctor and he said that everything is fine. Well, we agree. I have never experienced a painful thrust to have children. In the end, I always say: life is different for everyone,” said Molchenko.

Fatyushin died in 2003 in his apartment. The actor was an ardent fan of football. When his heart stopped, he watched the match. Alexander K. had a presentiment of death, a few weeks before he left, he wanted to confess in the Church. “Yes, it was somewhere for three weeks. He said, “I will go to our Church, neighbors, confess it. He came back, the temple would be closed for repairs. I tried not to pick open his gut, asking what was with him… Sasha, if I may say so, in 17 years of living together had prepared for his care,” shared Molchenko.