The widow and daughter Vadim Mulerman was the first who broke silence after his death

Вдова и дочери Вадима Мулермана впервые нарушили молчание после его смерти Relatives by Soviet hit “Lada” told about his last days. Vadim Mulerman died may 2 after a long illness in the United States. He was 79 years old.
Вдова и дочери Вадима Мулермана впервые нарушили молчание после его смерти

Soviet singer Vadim Mulerman died may 2 in one of the clinics in new York. Over a long period of time the performer of hits was fighting cancer. At that time, his wife Svetlana worked four jobs to support his family. Mulerman and his family rented an apartment in Brooklyn, and they had to pay for treatment. Vadim Iosifovich is survived by two daughters from his third marriage, Emily and Marina. In his will, the ashes were buried in Kharkov.

“I’ve been to the last breath with him. It was very hard,” said Svetlana.

Mulerman was very sorry his wife, as all rested on her shoulders. The woman herself knew that besides her, nobody helped her. The wife of Vadim Iosifovich got in touch with the Studio “Let them talk” and spoke about how memorable beloved husband. According to Svetlana, he was very upset that she had to work more, so as usual it had the responsibility for the family.

“Vadim spent only 8 days in the hospital, and we knew this diagnosis is only 8 days. He was with his family, was with us, he complained of pain, but didn’t want to go on the survey. If we had known the diagnosis earlier, we would have started to make efforts,” – said the wife of Vadim Iosifovich.
Вдова и дочери Вадима Мулермана впервые нарушили молчание после его смерти

As Vadim Mulerman was not popular in his homeland, he left for the USA in the days of the USSR. It was not allowed on TV, and the songs were banned. The artist had a serious confrontation with Joseph Kobzon. Mulerman believed that his counterpart contributed to the ban of his work. However, during a meeting in one of the shows, they managed to reconcile. Mulerman and Kobzon embraced.

Vadim Mulerman taught daughters the music, as they called the father a legend. Live close remembered his character. “Our dad is very sympathetic, kind, he did everything for us to be good. Dad was military,” – said children Mulerman.

Withdrawing from life, Vadim I. had to say goodbye to loved ones. “The last words – it was words of love. The most important words were spoken. That was the main thing. We let my dad go with a light heart. I am very glad that our family learned to speak these important words: “I love you,” said the daughter.

In honor of the anniversary of the future Mulerman a concert will be organized.