The widow and daughter of Alexei Petrenko fighting over the estate in 70 million

Вдова и дочь Алексея Петренко борются за наследство в 70 миллионов Women can’t come to an agreement. Polina Petrenko admitted that he never personally met with the third wife of his father. After her death, she laid claim to the property and found out that part of the real estate transferred to a Azeem Abdumuminov.
Вдова и дочь Алексея Петренко борются за наследство в 70 миллионов

In late February, the people’s artist Alexei Petrenko died. After the death of the famous actor did not leave a will and therefore the property claimed by two women – a daughter Pauline who was born in his first marriage, and the widow of the journalist Azima Abdumuminov. Now between family dispute ensued. After the death of Petrenko left two apartments in the center of Moscow and in Balashikha, and also a country house. According to preliminary calculations, all property is estimated at 70 million rubles.

The daughter of artist Polina Petrenko came from Germany in the Studio of the program “Let them talk”.

The woman said that on his father’s death, she learned from other people – friends sent a link to the news that Alexei Vasilievich died. She immediately got on a plane to be on time for the funeral. Pauline admitted that between her and his third wife, the Pope was not a warm relationship – according to her version, Azima didn’t want daughter came to her father’s grave.

When Pauline said about the inheritance, she learned that some part of the property was transferred to Abdumuminov, including apartment and a country house in which he lived Petrenko along with his second wife Galina Kozhuhova.

“After Papa died, I believe, this house had to go to Michael Kozhuhova, because he is the son of Galina Petrovna, that’s his nest,” – said the daughter of the artist.
Вдова и дочь Алексея Петренко борются за наследство в 70 миллионов

In addition to real estate at Petrenko have an account of 11 million, and a land. Guests in the Studio remembered that Mr Gordeyev did not communicate close with her daughter for many years. Close friends remembered that after the death of Galina Kozhuhova he seemed very lost and alone. According to them, when asked about the daughter, he said that they are very different, and even strangers.

Also Azimy there are 10-year-old daughter Melania. However, Pauline does not believe that it is the native successor of his father. The woman remembered that a few years ago, Petrenko did not want to see her and was happy that he has Azim, who cares about him.

Вдова и дочь Алексея Петренко борются за наследство в 70 миллионов

Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina, who was intimately familiar with Alexei Petrenko, I think that Polina didn’t pay attention to my own father. They admitted that Azim perfectly cared about the artist and extend his life. It took him to survey and monitor his health. However, the daughter has denied these words and tried to convince the Studio that Abdumuminov forced Petrenko to work in the theater.

Experts could not understand the motives of Pauline – if she wants to get the property in his possession or has other purposes. She told me that she intends to find out one question, however, is not going to talk about it until then, until you get the answer.

Friend of the family of Gulnara said that Petrenko has loved Pauline. The woman remembered that the whole family Azimi very respected Alexei Vasilyevich. However, the daughter suggested that they did it only because of his wealth.

The successor of the famous name said that had never dealt with Abdumuminov, and only saw her at funerals and funeral service.

“I called her, it was in 2014, she began to speak: “I have all my children itself has given real estate, provided by the apartments.” I just asked how dad’s doing,” – said Pauline.

She Azima did not come to speak, but sent a message in which he admitted that fondly refers to her.