Весь мир обсуждает секс-скандал с участием арабской принцессы The girl is accused of inappropriate behaviour. According to media reports, the heiress of a political figure caught in a room with seven men. However, some journalists were quick to refute this information.

      Весь мир обсуждает секс-скандал с участием арабской принцессы

      The daughter of a former Prime Minister of the Arab country of Qatar Sheikh Princess Salwa was the defendant in a major scandal. According to some media reports, the girl was in the tap trouble. As journalists write, the British secret service tried to catch one of the suspects, and raided the hotel room of Excelsior hotel London London Hotel. But there they found not a criminal, and the girl in a compromising position with seven men.

      After checking the documents, the guards found out that the young woman was the Princess of Sheikh Salva. According to some, the girl asked his agent to find men with a certain set of physical data to spend time with them in exchange for a large sum of money. For the safety of the Princess, the assistant decided to stay in the room, so no one of the participants of young people has not shown aggression towards the girl.

      In his defense, Sheikh stated that she was not going to damage the reputation of their country. She also pointed to the fact that it has not violated the laws of the UK. However, the police objected saying that you cannot use men for sex. However, the daughter of the former Prime Minister has diplomatic immunity, and therefore it can’t be brought no charges.

      Media reported that the famous Financial Times newspaper has become a source of dissemination of information. There were rumours that the Embassy of the state of Qatar tried to prevent the publication of the article and intended to bribe the publication. However, reporters do not have to make concessions and has published material about the Princess.

      However, other foreign media have completely refuted the article about discrediting the honor and dignity of an Arab Princess. They said that the information has spread around the world, is not true. On the website of the newspaper the Financial Times, there are no notes about the Princess of Qatar. And the photographs that accompany the publication of other publications, represents not the Sheikh, as a businesswoman from Dubai.

      Despite the conflicting information that flooded the Internet, this story has caused a flurry of discussions among users of the Network. They shared with their friends in social networks, articles about the possible impropriety of the successor politician Qatar.

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