Вся правда о сыне Дмитрия Маликова от суррогатной матери On the eve of his 48th birthday, the actor again became a father. The heir of Dmitry and Elena Malkovich was born in one of St. Petersburg’s elite clinics specializing in reproductive medicine. Relatives and friends of the spouses talked about the first days of baby’s life.
Вся правда о сыне Дмитрия Маликова от суррогатной матери

The singer for the second time became the father of Jan 24: in a fertility clinic “Ava-Peter” in St. Petersburg came to light by his son. The heir to the 48-year-old Dmitry and 54-year-old wife Elena had dreamed of for a long time. Conceived for the couple resorted to a surrogate mother. “This is the main event of the past year of my life, – admitted Dmitry. – I am absolutely happy!”About the first photo shoot of the child, bachelor party Malikov and shock-tested by the artist’s daughter, friends and relatives, Dmitry said, “StarHit”.

“Just a doll»

One of the first new member of the family met grandma and grandpa. Dmitry and Elena with the baby came home from Peter on the birthday of the singer, 29 January at 22:30.

“I held my grandchild, shook, tears – says “StarHit” father Malikov Yuriy Fedorovich. Boy kreep, height and weight are OK. Immediately we did the first shoot, which lasted five minutes. As a photographer, made the eldest daughter Lena Olga Izakson, she’s a professional in this business. The kid quietly endured did not cry, carefully looked at the surrounding. Then the parents put the baby to sleep, and we drank wine for his health.”
Вся правда о сыне Дмитрия Маликова от суррогатной матери

For Malikovich senior the birth of a grandson was a surprise. “We waited for this event, but didn’t know what day it will happen – continues to Yuri Fedorovich. – Yes, and especially did not ask, after all, a private matter.” When Dmitry and Elena said eldest daughter Stephanie about wanting to have another baby, for her it was a complete surprise.

“Was a shock, – admitted “StarHit” Stesha. But then came the realization that this is the best gift for dad’s birthday and my upcoming 18th birthday. Baby is a real doll, about such can only dream of.”

If previously, Stephanie was at the epicenter of attention of the family, now she’ll have to share it with his younger brother. “I’m already out of the age where jealousy can take me up, continues a 17-year-old girl. – I’m sure your parents belong to Ola, me and little brother the same way. Imagine yourself large mother. Could I love someone less and someone more? This is simply impossible”.

The return of Elena and Dmitry from the Northern capital Stesha carefully prepared. “The whole house was decorated with blue balloons and lilac is my mother’s favorite flowers, – the girl tells. – I helped the nursery to furnish, chose the best. Now the brother is still small, to sing for him a lullaby. While he only sleeps, eats and walks. When you get older, I will be sure to read him stories of a Prince on a white horse and Princess in a blue dress. This is so cool!»

Вся правда о сыне Дмитрия Маликова от суррогатной матери

“Joke, I suppose»

The actors of the musical performance of Dmitry Malikov “Flip the game” found out about the upcoming event the day before it became public. “We have a group in WhatsApp where we discuss the news, said the “StarHit” Gleb Podgorodinsky. – When I heard about the baby, at first I thought it was a joke. Decided that Dmitry probably was joking. But it turned out that no. Overwhelmed him with congratulations. He kept it all a secret, never mentioned – neither rehearsals nor performances”.

The appearance of the heir and his birthday the singer celebrated a bachelor party at a Georgian restaurant “Kazbek” on January 31. Guests of the holiday were close friends, including composer Vladimir Matetskiy, singer Valery Syutkin, the actor Igor Ugolnikov. Many came with gifts for the newborn.

“There were greetings and toasts, everyone shared feelings that felt when I heard about Dima’s happiness, – says the “StarHit” Matetskiy. – In principle, the appearance of the baby is usual, but surrogate motherhood – thing unusual. Well done Malikova that I decided to take this step! We talked about what profession he would choose an heir, will his father’s footsteps. I wished the other joy, because it is a great luck to become a dad in adulthood. Dima said that the name of the boy has not yet chosen and I like the Leonardovich patronymic suggested to name him Leonard. Don’t know you will listen”.