В Белом Доме установили рождественскую ель

In a month will be celebrated on Christmas day, so the stars start to decorate the house. One of the first set a Christmas tree in the White House presidential couple in America.

В Белом Доме установили рождественскую ель

In the penultimate Monday of November is traditionally the white House held a magnificent event, where the Christmas tree is brought into the courtyard on a special cart. The day was warm and Sunny! Everything went according to the canons — while horse-drawn carriage approached the residence of the President, the military, the Quartet played Christmas music. The tree was imported straight from North Carolina. The state is famous for the fact that in the entire history raised the highest number of firs for the White house.

В Белом Доме установили рождественскую ель
To decorate the White House chose not the first available tree. This year the competition was held by the National Association of Christmas trees, which won a North Carolina resident Larry Smith. This spruce tree was brought on a cart to the White House. Smith said that the selected tree aged about 25 years weighs more than 350 kg.

Outfits of the spouses was very simple: a bright red tie President gorgeous combined with the red plaid coat, Michael Kors cost 3995 dollars. Spouses personally inspected and checked the tree. After approval, they took her out on the installation. Estimated fir will adorn the Blue room of the White house.

Earlier, the White House celebrated Halloween. October 28, the White House was transformed. Everything happened in the yard. Melania handed out candy with autographs and all accompanied by music.

Halloween this year fell on a weekday, so many stars were celebrating at the weekend — 27-28 numbers. The traditional reception at the White House was surprisingly peaceful. Columns decorated with garlands, at the entrance to the South wing posted autumn trees, blocks of hay, pumpkins without the traditional faces, the basket with vegetables and orange carpet. This year the President and first lady chose “peace” decorations skeletons, bats and spiders.

The event took place to the accompaniment of worship songs: the couple under the Thriller Michael Jackson the official outfits. For an hour they treated the children with candy. Bars and chocolate bars was not simple, and unique. Sweets were wrapped in special paper on which were the autographs of the President and the first lady. They were given to the children in bright orange bags with the print of the White House. The hits of Michael Jackson then gave way to music from Harry Potter.

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