У Белого дома зажглись рождественские огни

У Белого дома зажглись рождественские огни

Yesterday, 5 Dec 2019, 73-year-old President of the United States Donald trump and his wife Melania trump attended the annual ceremony include lights Christmas tree in front of the White house. Because of Christmas there is not much time. Last week Melania showed how she decorated the presidential residence for the new year holidays, and all of society in great delight.

The first lady appeared at an event in the traditional Christmas colors. Coats in white and red stripes looked very impressive. After the ceremony, Melania noted the fact that she was glad to see the happy faces of the audience, who look forward to the Christmas holidays. At the event, the couple divided their responsibilities: Donald trump said the festive speech, and Melania pressed the button that lit fires around the White house. The first lady admitted that such a new tradition she really likes, and fans on social networks called her the “Queen of Christmas”.

Tradition, when the US President and first lady light the lights near the White house appeared very long ago, in 1923, when the President was Calvin Coolidge. That year all the heads of state do not violate the tradition.


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