The Western press has credited angelina Jolie deadly disease

Западная пресса приписала Анджелине Джоли смертельную болезнь A famous actress was hospitalized due to a low weight. Painful the appearance of the stars in recent years have repeatedly caused concern among her fans. The woman weighs only 35 pounds.

      Западная пресса приписала Анджелине Джоли смертельную болезнь

      Hollywood star and mother of six Angelina Jolie was taken to hospital with a weight of 35 pounds. This is a critically low indicator, since growth of the actress is 169 centimeters. Probably because of this weight Angelina began the irreversible processes in the body.

      Friends and relatives of the actress said many times that she eats very little. Angelina avoids fatty foods, choosing lean protein (chicken, legumes, fish), vegetables (except starchy) and wholegrains. Evil tongues say that she eats only grass and drinks water. However, this information was not confirmed.

      Photos from a recent trip Jolie in the framework of the UN mission in the Greek port of Piraeus shocked the public. Angelina came to Greece, so that we could mingle with refugees from Syria and to delve into the causes of the humanitarian crisis. On pictures Jolie dressed in black, she had seemed pale and tired. Journalists assumed that the star is even difficult to keep my legs: the actress has constantly looked for where to sit. After viewing the photos from Greece the likes of Angelina sounded the alarm: the woman is anorexic and she needs urgent help.

      Many associate weight loss Angelina Jolie with depression. For several years the star had a lot to overcome. In 2007, cancer took her mom away Marcelin. In 2013, for fear of getting cancer, Jolie decided on a double mastectomy. However, fear of cancer has not receded. In 2015, the actress ovaries removed to prevent cancer. Envious people believe that sudden weight loss is associated with the betrayals of her lover brad pitt. Some have suggested that losing weight, the star expresses solidarity with the actors of her film “Unbroken”, which is nothing to eat, to be credible in the role of prisoners.

      Edition of the National Enquirer released a cover with skinny Jolie. According to the article, the actress almost dies from cancer. This is not the first time the magazine suggests that the wife of brad pitt is sick. Earlier, she attributed the exacerbation of anorexia and paranoia.

      It is reported that Hollywood actor repeatedly tried to help his beloved. Brad pitt even angelina has threatened divorce if she will not fight for life. However, no amount of persuasion on a woman do not apply.

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