The Western media discuss the reunion of Jolie and pitt

Западные СМИ обсуждают воссоединение Джоли и Питта According to unconfirmed reports, maybe all is not lost. Angelina Jolie may give brad pitt a second chance. The sources close to the Hollywood star said that the attitude to the female ex-lover has changed.

Since, as Angelina Jolie and brad pitt announced the divorce, the media do not cease discussions with the breakup of Hollywood stars. Insiders regularly share with tabloids, new sensational details of the life of the actors. Fans of celebrities can only guess how the next rumors are true.

Recently in the press again has information about the relationship of Angie and brad. At this time, a source close to the artists argues that those still unable to reconcile. According to the insider, the former lovers as if decided to give each other another chance.

“Divorce is stalled. Over the past few months they have done nothing to promote this process, and all it seems that they are not going to do it,” – said the source of American tabloid.

Representatives of Jolie and pitt have not yet commented on the news that made a lot of noise in the Network. It is possible that the actors affected their joint work with children. And Angelina and brad told reporters that they are ready to do anything for heirs. To those feel comfortable, stars are equipped with a special apartment for meetings. “We all try our best to heal our family,” shared Jolie.

An important role in improving the relationship of Hollywood stars could play and the refusal of brad pitt from alcohol. The actor, who in a recent interview spoke openly about problems with alcohol, was forced to pull myself together and rethink their relationship to addiction. “Last year I sometimes could not help myself. And it became a real problem,” Frank pitt in the interview with journalists. Now brad is trying to drink lots of cranberry juice and sparkling water.

“I was down” – brad pitt for the first time about divorce and the fight with Angelina Jolie

Friends of Jolie and pitt suggest that the former beloved may take the next step towards restoration of the former harmony.

“Everyone thinks they can again begin to live together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they say cancel the divorce and try to work things out,” said the insider.

Recall that for the first time about the decision of Angelina Jolie to leave brad pitt became known in November last year. The woman explained the act “irreconcilable differences” that have arisen in her marriage with the actor. One of the sexiest women in the world also asked the court to keep six children from her. Later Hollywood stars managed to come to an agreement about the custody of the heirs.