Западные СМИ обсуждают роман Эмбер Херд и Кары Делевинь Celebrities spend too much time together. In this connection correspondents of foreign publications I suspect that amber and Cara are more than friends. Recently, actress and model “caught” by one of the Bohemian clubs.

      Западные СМИ обсуждают роман Эмбер Херд и Кары Делевинь

      Foreign tabloids are discussing a strong friendship 30-year-old amber heard and 24-year-old Cara Delevingne. Correspondents seems suspicious that girls who are known for their bisexuality, spend so much time together. Previously, Hurd made a friend a sketch of a new tattoo, but recently the model was found in the car of the actress. Suddenly, the paparazzi, Kara was embarrassed and covered his face with his hands, while amber calmly smiled and didn’t shield from the flashes of cameras. The incident occurred after the star left one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, where Rihanna hosted a Christmas party.

      Fans of celebrities can only guess is their friendship something more. Girls, known for stormy romances with other females, refrain from commenting about their relationship. Journalists suggest that Cara and amber got close on the background of emotional experiences after a nasty breakup with the previous pass.

      Recall that recently Cara Delevingne have split up with the singer St. Vincent, secretive an affair with Kristen Stewart. The model experienced a painful breakup with the popular singer. Paparazzi caught her on the streets, unkempt and dressed in a baggy tracksuit. Journalists assumed that Kara was in a deep depression.

      As for amber heard, the last blonde beauty consisted in a civil marriage with artist Tasya van REE. Despite the fact that the actress broke up with his girlfriend a few years ago, she continues to maintain a good relationship with Tasya. It was rumored that a strong friendship between the two women was extremely unpleasant ex-wife heard johnny Depp, saying the actor is regularly suspected wife of infidelity. Insiders claimed that the actor was jealous of the chosen one not only to Wang PU but also to her numerous friends. It was rumored that because of this Hollywood star often went amber serious jealousy and roll scandals. And once Depp and even gave Hurd a slap in the face.

      We will remind that in may of this year, amber has filed for divorce from husband johnny Depp and accused him of domestic violence. Many celebrities have supported the actor in the scandal with ex-lover. Into their number entered and the former wife of actor Vanessa Paradis. The reporters of even suspected her that she again began to experience feelings for Depp, however, these conjectures were not confirmed. We will remind that not so long ago became aware of the fact that Vanessa meets with the Director and the writer Samuel Benchetrit. Johnny Depp and amber heard have agreed to the terms of the divorce