Западные СМИ назвали Марию Шукшину копией Катрин Денев The movie and theatre actress made a splash abroad. In the UK showed the series “Mcmafia” with the participation of Maria Shukshina, Alexey Serebryakov and James Norton. Critics praised the game Russian artists.
Западные СМИ назвали Марию Шукшину копией Катрин Денев

50-year-old Maria Shukshin starred in the international TV series “Mcmafia” the book of British journalist Misha Glenny. Premier eight-serial BBC and AMC took place in the UK in early January and in late February it will be shown in America.

The plot of the series the son of a former Russian mafia boss, who left their homeland, is trying to dissociate itself from a dark past. However, the fate of no escape, therefore, the main character still faces the criminals. Parents of a young man played Maria Shukshina and Alexei Serebryakov.

“Mcmafia” received a lot of positive feedback. Portal on the authoritative IMDB, the average rating of the series a 7.7 out of 10 possible stars. Many critics and users of social networks highlight the game of Maria Shukshina, including its highly compelling and speak positively about the work of the writers.

“In addition to one or two bloody moments, beautifully filmed “Mcmafia” were fun and intrigue. The cast is very good, especially for foreign artists – Maria Shukshina, who plays a caricature of a glamorous Oksana, and Merab Ninidze, who played opposite (and “attractive”), Vadim,” writes the editor Farhan Ghani on Twitter.
Западные СМИ назвали Марию Шукшину копией Катрин Денев

Others have compared Maria with legendary actress Catherine Deneuve. Reporters found that Russian actress – a copy of the colleagues from abroad.

“Maria Shukshina shows the same level of games like Catherine Deneuve in his Prime (later episodes will show that this holdem facade she hides fangs). All the attention on himself and pulls Alexei Serebryakov – he played in the unforgettable “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev and brings the same existential alcoholic despair,” – says British journalist Tom Birkenau.

Add that the premiere of “Mcmafia” caused a scandal in the Internet. So, at the Russian Embassy in the UK felt that the BBC disseminates stereotypes about Russia. After the show was aired, Twitter has created a poll: “How many Russians are in fact located in British prisons?”It became clear that less than ten.

In an interview, Maria Shukshin stood up for the project. According to star, the show is not trying to portray all the Russian gangsters.

“If the story was about a nasty Russian, I would not began to appear, I can honestly say. Liked the story and the script is absolute humanity, truth, drama. Completely normal story – not that Russian is bad and the English good, no. James, too, as if Russian is impossible”, – said the actress in the program “Evening Urgant”.