The wedding Sasha Evgeny Artemov and Cousin will be in the United States

Бракосочетание Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина пройдет в США
On the main telestroke country in the competition “Wedding in-a-million” won by Eugene Kuzin and Sasha Artemova.

Бракосочетание Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина пройдет в США

In accordance with the conditions, the wedding must go this year, but the couple has already several times shifted the date of the celebration. The reason is that the girl has no Ukrainian passport.

Now they decide to arrange the wedding, but they came to the view that the celebration will be bright and luxurious.

“I wanted to arrange a holiday in Moscow, but Jack insists to go either to the Islands or in the United States. Try to listen to the future husband, so perhaps the wedding will take place abroad. We are now saving money because winning obviously is not enough to fulfill all our desires. On a dream wedding you will need about two million,” – said Artemov.

Fans of the reality show agree that Eugene and Sasha are the most memorable and striking pair of project.

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