The wedding of Yulia Baranovskaya has surprised Internet users

Свадьба Юлии Барановской удивила интернет-пользователей
The news that the TV presenter has changed the image of 47-year-old wife, shook the Network.

Petr Marchenko and his wife Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: Social networks

Today the network space was disturbed by the news that
Yulia Baranovskaya sharpens the image of his wife — 47-year-old leading
the newscasts of the TV channel Ren-TV Peter Marchenko. It turned out, telebras
Peter (wearing a power suit, starched shirt and a stylish tie) much
different from image, which Marchenko had a life. Leading
admitted that youth look (ripped jeans, distressed vest and t-shirt
bright pattern) he was advised by his wife Julia Baranovskaya. About it reported the Internet-the edition

While some tried to understand when a popular TV presenter
managed to marry Peter, and others searched for and did not find a photo of the most
Baranovskaya, the most attentive and patient readers will understand that we are talking about
rare coincidence. The fact that the wife Marchenko — complete
the namesake stars of the First channel, the ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin.

Charming brunette younger Marchenko for 15 years, but
despite the age difference this pair is one of the most
strong and friendly in Telemir. Together they have a daughter Julia from his first marriage