Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН At Windsor castle over the preparations for the ceremony, which will be held today, may 19. The main character Meghan Markle walked the Royal mercy most of their relatives. Invitations to her wedding with Prince Harry only got mom and dad.
Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН

The past six months, the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was almost the most popular topic. Fans relished the unpleasant details from the biography of the bride, which actively shared her family. Despite pervasive rumors about the negative attitude of the actress from Royal family, the ceremony did take place. “StarHit” shares details of the romantic feast.

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  • The arrival to the place of the wedding: 11.00 – 13.45.
  • The beginning of the wedding ceremony: 14.00.
  • The end of the broadcast: 16.00.

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The novel the Prince and the actress began in August of 2015. There were rumors that the lovers met in the company of mutual friends and almost immediately liked each other feelings.

Of course, the news about the affair Harry an American actress has become an overnight sensation. Still, Megan is not of noble birth. Besides, the girl is older than his chosen one, and she has already got one failed marriage.

Harry himself is also no slouch because of his turbulent private life in the UK is legendary. The young man had quite a long meeting with the aristocrat Chelsea Davy, and after he had a romantic relationship with actress Crescendos Bonas. Prince was even married off to her sister Kate Middleton Pippa, but he still persistently maintained the status as the most eligible bachelor of the country until the Dating with Megan.

Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН

In July 2017, a number of media reported that Queen Elizabeth II opposed to this Union. Supposedly grandma even threatened Harry to deprive him of his inheritance if the wedding will take place. However, this did not prevent the Prince to make an offer to Megan that fall. Then began the preparations for one of the most controversial weddings in history the Royal family.

Contrary to popular belief, the royals are forced to economize, so staying on the “high respect, low costs.” The bride and groom will accompany borrowed from the army honor guard, the ceremony at St George’s chapel will be conducted by the head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, but the rest of the coming wedding of Harry and Megan deserves definition and a modest home. Experts estimate it approximately in $10 million, of which more than half will be spent on security.


Bouquet from the flower bed, cake with elderflower

Floral design instructed the florist-taught Philip Craddock. She said that selection of plants for vases and bouquets is designed to reflect the richness and diversity of English nature. In practice, this means that gardeners will be given a list of scissors and went to cut the Palace meadows. The main emphasis will be garden roses, peonies and digitalis, as well as branches of beech, hornbeam and birch. Wedding cake will create a friend Megan – the owner of London bakery, Claire Ptak. Once, in a past life, the Prince’s bride was taken from konditerski an interview for his blog that “backfired” Claire in the most unexpected way. Examining the range, the bride and groom ordered the cake from the original lemon and elderberry cream. Multi-tiered confection decorated with fresh flowers will – all together, according to Claire, it must pass the taste of spring.

Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН

As expected, the outfits the bride to save didn’t want. It is known that Megan was on fitting in Burberry and Stella McCartney, and in addition, connected to the choice of toilet another friend is a wedding designer, Jessica Mulroney. To stay on one thing still failed, so dresses were ordered two. Megan said that the wedding will not show the groom even in the picture, because he wants to surprise you.

“Thinking about the ceremony, Megan tended to dress a classic style with lace and sleeves, – said a source close to the actress. – But he and Harry are planning to celebrate until the morning, so then she’ll need something less glamorous, but more convenient and modern.”
Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН

Invitation to war

Who will be the chief bridesmaid is unknown, but Harry was not to reinvent the wheel and invited a groomsman brother of William. A special place in the celebrations, of course, assigned to Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, for whom the wedding got moved up from London to Windsor. 96-year-old grandfather of the groom and the groomsmen appreciated the desire of the grandson is sure to see him around in a happy day, so went into surgery for a hip replacement much earlier than planned. Duke is developing a new joint in Windsor castle since mid-April, and has every reason to believe that he won’t have to go to Church in a wheelchair.

The guest list has 600 people. Four of them invited the whole holiday, and another two just for the Banquet. After much debate, Harry agreed not to send invitations to their buddies Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He explained that such notable politicians need to call on the principle “all or none”. Prime Minister Theresa may at a ceremony also will not be.

No doubt that Megan at the first opportunity to throw overboard the event almost all their relatives. Half brother and sister shamelessly PR on its behalf, was blabbing family secrets, was accused of hypocrisy and neglect of the family.

“I don’t understand how a mother could wait for the invitation, if only did what made Megan blush for us,’ said 19-year-old niece of actress Noelle, daughter of her sister Samantha Grant. – Of course, Megan is afraid that she will cause a scandal. Who needs negative emotions to the day of the wedding?”
Свадьба года: Меган Маркл и принц Гарри отправляются под венец - ОНЛАЙН

Half-brother Thomas was not so considered. “Harry needs to understand that with him Megan plays its most important role, he said. – And she shouldn’t be so quick to forget who and where she was, to be ashamed of roots. Nothing builds a second Princess Diana”. Participation in the ceremony of the bride’s father is also under question: according to rumors, he had a huge fight with Megan after she reserved a place for him at the altar.

First came the information that the parent of the actress allegedly had a photo session for journalists, for which he received a decent fee. It’s not like Megan, so that she and scandal. However, it later emerged that Thomas Markle had a heart attack because of the antics of his son. A young man wrote a letter to Prince Harry in which he urged the monarch not to marry the beloved. The girl herself has not officially confirmed that the Pope will not attend the ceremony for health reasons.

What title the Queen will attend her grandson and his young wife, after the marriage, remains a matter of speculation. The most likely option – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although in the UK you can dig up two or three dusty, nobody claimed the title. Leaving the king of arms and archivists to rewrite history, the couple will go on honeymoon to Africa, most likely in Namibia. “In Africa I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world, says Prince Harry. – Sorry I didn’t get to spend more time there. This land gives me a sense of inner peace and normalcy.”