“The wedding of the year” by Anastasia Subsky revealed details of the upcoming celebrations

«Свадьба года»: Анастасия Шубская раскрыла подробности предстоящего торжества
Alexander Ovechkin with his wife preparing for the celebration of marriage.

«Свадьба года»: Анастасия Шубская раскрыла подробности предстоящего торжества

Alexander and Anastasia Ovechkina on the set of “love story”

Photo: @nastyashubskaya Instagram Anastasia Ovechkina

Subsky Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin became husband and wife in August last year. The lovers then held a modest ceremony in the capital’s registry office. But the date of celebration in honor of the newlyweds was appointed to the following summer. A Grand wedding party is going to be one of the major events in the secular parties of the season.

Naturally most of the details of the feast kept in secret, but recently appeared some information about the upcoming wedding of Alexander and Anastasia. For example, it became known that, on the eve of important events, the couple took part in the filming of the original “love story”. On family video worked a whole team of specialists. However, as the organization of the party.

Alexander and Anastasia Ovechkina

Photo: @svadberry Instagram

“Thanks to our organizers and all the film crew for our special pre-wedding video and for the fact that from the first day listened to us and were able to hear what we want!” — thanked Anastasia. By the way, for organizing the wedding Ovechkina came from the same firm that recently arranged a Banquet for Vitali Giganskogo and his wife.

In addition, the daughter of Vera Glagoleva plans to impress guests with a luxurious wedding outfit. Recall that for a hike to the Registrar, the celebrity couple dressed in casual clothes.