Свадьба принца Гарри вызвала бешеный ажиотаж
Kensington Palace announced the date for Grand celebrations.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Although earlier it was reported that the wedding’s younger
son of Prince Charles is scheduled for the 26th of may, it appeared that this information was
inaccurate. Yesterday was followed by a formal statement by the representative of Kensington
Palace, according to which the wedding will take place a week earlier: “Marriage
His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales and miss Megan Markle will be held on 19
may 2018.” About where exactly the wedding of the Prince was known
previously: the wedding will be held in the chapel St.George’s
Chapel, and the gala Banquet in Windsor castle.

On the eve of the wedding of the Prince hotel owners in Windsor are counted with delight its unprecedented profits. After all, even before the wedding Harry is still five months, as it became known, all of the rooms at nearby hotels are already sold out
in advance. Even in those hotels that are located five or more kilometres from
Windsor castle, there are very few empty seats. And prices, of course, much higher than usual.

Such interest in the wedding Harry is associated, in
the first place that the British love all kinds of ceremonies, especially those associated
with the Royal family. But in this case, the degree of interest in the wedding
additionally fueled by the fact that in Foggy Albion started
the real “megalomania”, as journalists dubbed the hype that arose
around the bride of the Prince — Meghan Markle. Outfits in which you see Markle, sold out in a matter of seconds. Each new fact of her biography is a warm interest. It is already called “American Princess”,
and the “new lady Di”… Comparison
with Princess Diana, Megan was awarded due to the fact that she
left a very favorable impression on the public during the first official
the event at which she appeared with Harry in Nottingham. All found that
Megan also lovely, spontaneous and natural, as was once the mother of Prince…