The wedding of Pippa Middleton in jeopardy

Свадьба Пиппы Миддлтон под угрозой срыва

The wedding of her sister Duchess Catherine, Pippa Middleton is scheduled for may 20. The preparation for this important and responsible action has been ongoing for several months. As told to reliable sources, the wedding ceremony was to be held in St. Mark’s Church in Empelde, Berkshire and gala reception, it was decided to arrange in the family home of the Middletons in Backvery. The wedding of Pippa and her lover James Matthews was attended by 400 guests, including Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle, son Queen Elizabeth II Prince Andrew (it was reported that most likely to the celebration it will come in the company of Kylie Minogue, which according to rumors he’s having an affair), and many others.

But I think that the perfect fairy tale, which was planned by Pippa, may not take place.

Wedding plans can fall at any time and guilty this will be the groom. The fact that now James is in a financial crisis. Scottish estate millionaire losing money, which has been hit hard the budget of the groom the younger Middleton is a businessman lost about $400 thousand income per month. It means that now he and his future wife will have to be careful to treat their charges, according to insiders, the pair may have to give up the honeymoon (Pippa and James wanted before the wedding to relax in St. Barts), and to review the cost of Pippa’s closet.